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Ok so I know I am a bit late in talking about Spring but 2021 feels like a year of Spring with new possibilities, compared to last year! In addition, technically it IS still Spring? I live in the high desert and June always feels like Spring because that is when you can seriously start planting, which is what I have been doing of late. So I dream of flowers and wondrous things that will, hopefully, grow! With that sort of mentality I just thought I would throw out some beautiful inspirational quilts from various websites that are focused on Spring quilts.

Quilting Daily has an article from March of this year up on their website and the quilts are just stunning and so fresh. The quilts link to patterns the viewer can purchase. The first one is Chatsworth’s Garden by Jo Moury. It is a bit of an intimidating pattern to me but it is so beautiful and filled with the energy of Spring!

The next one is a take on the Dresden plate quilt design. It is called Crazy for Dresden by Gina Gempesaw. I adore how some of the elements are non-existent or so light they are barely noticeable. For me it recalls the petals of flowers that have fallen off and truly brings a sense of movement and life to this classic pattern.

Bunny Treats by Charisma Horton is adorable, but not over the top cutesy/adorable? I love carrots in the garden! I love the large amount of white background coupled with snippets of carrots and other elements.

I also turned to Etsy to see what others were making this Spring. There are some beautiful patterns that just scream Spring and life! TheSweetwaterCo has a really cute bird quilt pattern called Cluck pattern. I think the birds are so chunky and precious.

Another pattern on Etsy is CottonCache’s Vintage Spring quilt pattern. It is a very retro fun take on trucks and flowers. I really like how the trucks were softened up in the pattern by using floral prints.

Spring Bouquet from FourWindsTraders is amazing! It is so intricate and full of Spring. Again, this one intimidates me but I love to imagine I could do something so beautiful and full of detail!

I hope some of these quilts help inspire you or maybe just make you smile and appreciate your own garden, or the garden of nature! They made me even more excited for my little garden sprouts to become beautiful flowering plants!!!

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