Stitched Science

Stitching Science

We featured the science-based stitchery of Rebecca Harris a while ago. Well she’s back and this time she’s putting a group together! Here’s Rebecca!

Stitched Science - Vigilant - Hand Embroidery

“For my recent commission with the Eden Project, funded through the Wellcome Trust, I ran numerous sessions called #StitchingScience. These sessions saw me take the work in progress, ‘Symbiosis’, to various sites in Devon and Cornwall. The piece is a collaboration with a professor of Microbiology, Michael Wilson, at University College London. I was provided with the data of the microbes present on our skin and interpreted this into various colours to show the diversity, proportions and distributions present on our bodies.

“Having recently finished this work I was inspired by the phrase Stitching Science and thought that not only the meeting of art and science is a fascinating combination but even more so are textiles and science. I am aware of other contemporary artists working within this field so wanted to see if I could set up a sort of community in which we could inspire each other, work together etc. This led to and I am currently looking for other members to join me in this interesting new group. A

“lthough we are very much in the early stages it’s getting people on board now which will help develop and evolve the group, so I’m particularly interested in hearing from artists who are, like myself, passionate about seeing the Stitching Science group explode! Once we have more members I will look to seeting up a committee which will further lead the group to interesting directions.”

make, mend, or join (something) with stitches

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment

Stitched Science - SARS doilies

“Stitching Science is an artist led group that brings together professional contemporary artists working within the theme of science through the medium of textiles. Science isn’t just about test tubes and telescopes, it is a very broad subject so please use the definition above to help clarify if you feel your work would fit.

“Started in 2015, by artist Rebecca D. Harris, it is still in its infancy and hopes to grow and develop over the coming months. It aims to bring together the best international contemporary artists working within the theme of science through the medium if textiles. All members get a listing on this site (currently being developed), regular newsletters (to include member’s news and opportunities etc), option to take part in group exhibitions, network with other artists and scientists interested in collaborating who make contact through the site. We will have a presence on social networks for promotion and also for members to connect properly. For example, on Facebook there will a group for members only to discuss work, ask questions etc, a means to enabling a community which in turn will help support us and open up new pathways. I also envisage us running video group critiques, meetings and socials via Google Hangouts.

Stitched Science - Flow


“If you are interested in joining and being part of this exciting new group then please do not hesitate to get in touch. In order to cover the costs of running the site etc, there will be an annual fee of £20. Those wishing to join in March can do so for just £15 for their first year.

“If you are interested and would like to be considered for membership then please email (web links will suffice where appropriate) a CV, 5-10 images, a 200 word statement about your work and 150 words on why you would like to join. In order to help shape and develop the group if you would like to help steer the group please also add to your application why you would like to help and what you could bring to developing it.

For anyone just interested in following you can find us on Twitter @stisci and