Stitched Stories: A Tale of Subversive Stitchers

No NSFW Saturday this week folks. Instead I want to draw your attention to a film that focuses on two projects that I have a keen interest in: Fine Cell Work and the Craftivist Collective.

Stitched Stories: a tale of subversive stitchers is a 20 minute film produced by Rachel Taverner and Northern Films:

For decades Britain has associated needlecraft with our grandmothers, Women’s Institutes and art students. Stitched Stories weaves the interlocking narratives of the Craftivist Collective founder, Sarah Corbett and ex-prisoner Neil who continues to sew for Fine Cell Work. The documentary reveals the power and potential of needlecraft on their lives.

“At a time when the prison population is at an all time high and activists are frequently represented as angry citizens, Stitched Stories creates a visual space for prisoners and activists to subvert society’s stereotypes and illustrate the real meaning of needlework.

It really is a fantastic film, warm and engaging, that makes you proud to be involved in the needle arts. Get yourself a hot drink, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this film. Then come back and tell me what you think of it.

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You can find out more about the film on the Stitched Stories website.

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  • Thank you for sharing this. It was well worth the 20 minutes of my time. I do wish they had been able to film the classes/groups inside the prison instead of only interviewing one past participant. But overall an interesting perspective on craft, gender roles, and judgments.

  • I got an error with the video 🙁 One of the cross-stitch mags had an article about Fine Cell Work. It must have been one of the British ones and they’re about $10 or more and there wasn’t that much else in the magazine that I wanted. I thought it was a great idea though. I’m not sure if they’d let them do that in the states. I know some women’s prisons do Crochet but they can’t knit because of the points on the needles.

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