Book Review – Sublime Stitching – Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart


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This review of Sublime Stitching – Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart, was previously released back in 2010 , however its such a classic we thought we would enlighten you again!  In the world of textiles, theres so many pattern books, ideas books….etc.  Thus its easy to think we know it all or simply are bored with what we read.  Yet we think this book is definitely worth a read, find out why here……

About the artist

Jenny Hart has a lot to answer for. It is arguable that the phenomenon that is Sublime Stitching has done an awful lot to revitalise the embroidery field and enthuse a great many people about the joys of stitchery. And for that I thank her.

Jenny Hart Sublime Stitching Embroidered Effects

Who is it aimed at?

Jenny’s written a few books on embroidery, but Embroidery Effects encapsulates all her learning and experience as a stitcher and as a teacher, to provide an essential guide to everything you need to know to get going with a needle and thread.


I’ll come out and say it — I like this book. I like the fact that the book is ring bound and is clearly capable of withstanding a lot of use. I like the layouts and font choices — the overall design is contemporary and elegant, but not too girly either (which is important from my perspective).

Jenny Hart's Embroidered Effects
The ring bound construction of the book means it’s a sturdy learning tool!

The instruction sections give you a clear understanding of how to create the stitches, and the book provides you with a good portfolio of basic stitches that will enable you to create your own embroideries with confidence.

What makes it special?

Many embroidery books endeavour to show you as many stitches as possible, and often take the basic stitches for granted, yet these stitches are the most challenging for beginners who don’t know how to stitch. In Sublime Stitching – Embroidered Effects Jenny takes the time to show you these basic stitches and leaves you with a stable foundation from which to develop your stitching experience.

Jenny Hart's Embroidered Effects
Detailed instructions with clear diagrams will help you learn basic embroidery types

The Projects section of the book provides ideas for you to stitch including ideas for the home and clever ways of embellishing fashion items. Transfers are included to help you on your way and the book includes a handy pouch at the front to stop you losing those transfers down the back of the sofa. There are even suggestions on creative ways of using Glow In The Dark thread and variegated threads, both of which are personal favourites of mine, so I was very pleased to find these little treats in there.

Jenny Hart's Embroidered Effects
There are plenty of inspirational designs for you to apply to your life


All in all this book is a terrific resource for anyone who wants to begin stitching. Jenny’s love of the subject matter emanates throughout the book; her narrative is warm and friendly, and avoids condescension. The book arms you with skills and suggestions, but without being too prescriptive. The design and layout make it easy to learn and the construction of the book means it will last a long time.

It is a great book. Why not buy your copy of Jenny Harts ‘Sublime Stitching – Embroidered Effects’ from our Amazon store?

Jenny Hart Embroidered Effects