Sublime Stitching Mashup Competition

Over at Sublime Stitching, Jenny Hart’s having a mashup competition – combine three of her designs into one stylish stitchery and you could win some serious prizes! I’m one of the judges and I’m expecting great things, so don’t let me down! Here’s Jenny to say more about the competition…

☆ CONTEST ☆ Over the years, many of you have told me that you hoard my patterns, but have -GASP- (and I truly mean: “gasp”) never stitched a thing with them. Seriously people, I have to steady myself on someone’s shoulder when you say that. So, get those Sublime Stitching patterns out! I know you have a lot of them. You tell me all the time that you do! There’s no hiding now.

CHALLENGE: Sublime Stitching mashup! I want to see the most original, stitched-up combination of Sublime Stitching patterns evar! (Let’s say a “combination” means 3 themes.)

Want some suggestions? Okay, how about mixing up Daniel Johnston (like, the frog) with Garden Variety (maybe some bugs) and Carson Ellis (with pretty birds)! Or…pinups stroll around in the flowers with cats? Ooh- I know- hawks, vulturesand giant squids hold an epic battle in outer space! You can also check out the Embroidery Gallery for inspiration.


1st Prize: $100 Gift Certificate from Fred Flare! OMGSC.

2nd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate (and crammed goody bag) from Sublime Stitching!

3rd Prize: Sewing Patterns from Amy Butler!

Honorable Mention will receive this PDF from Joey’s Dream Garden!

DEADLINE TO ENTER: Aug 20th 2010 (midnight cst)
WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Aug 27th 2010 – entries posted to the gallery!

Jamie Chalmers of Mr. XStitch ~ Keith and Chris of Fred Flare ~ Natalie Zee Drieu of Craft

WHO CAN ENTER: Y♡U can enter! (International? Yes!)

HOW TO ENTER: Submit one photo of your project to the Embroidery Gallery, and call your entry: “Combo Contest” for identification. If your project has a name, include it in your written description. Only one photo of your project, please. Only one entry per entrant, please. Entries will not post to the gallery until announcement of winners on August 27th. I may not be able to post every entry received, but you are free to post it anywhere you like, even before we pick our winners! There is no cost to enter, only registration with my website (so you can submit to the gallery).
✓ Enter Here!

Entries will be judged for creative originality, color choice, and creation of a (loose) thematic narrative with embroidery patterns.  No purchase necessary. Anyone can enter regardless of skill level! Yes! You can make something completely original. Yes! You can mix original work with patterns. Yes! You can use other designs (if they are properly credited with your entry). Only one photo per project will be considered when submitted to the Embroidery Gallery here on Sublime Stitching. Winners will be announced on the Sublime Stitching Blog on August 27th, 2010. Get stitching!