Stitches to Savor: Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo


I was unsure about the topic of this month’s Quilty Pleasures column. Several of my customers work with Sue Spargo’s designs and that nudged me to look at a book I got for Christmas a few years ago. I had never heard of her until I got this book and was immediately in love!

Although a lot of her work is comprised of incredibly wonderful embroidery and textile/wool work, her pieces are quilts as well. As such I chose to show you some of her work as seen in Stitches to Savor: a celebration of designs by Sue Spargo.

The book covers 12 of her pieces which are wall hangings/quilts, all quilted by Sue. Each piece is shown in full and then there is page after page of beautiful close ups of individual elements of the piece.


Circle Play 2


This is a close up of a few of the elements in Circle Play 2 which measures 15” b 20”. I just love how you can see so much variety in subtle colors and amazing cozy stitching in the circles. It reminds me of rocks in the way all rocks appear the same but upon closer inspection they each have a very powerful beauty that sets them apart.


Coffee Cups


This piece is called Coffee Cups and measures 18” by 24”. I don’t know about you but I love having a collection of coffee cups, although mine are not necessarily pretty! The cover of the book shows one of the cups close up, as seen below, followed by another of the cups. I find it inspiring how she brings in nature through ladybugs and bees. It is truly one of the things that makes her work so cheerful and playful.


Coffee Cups close up


Coffee Cups close up



Flower Pot


This quilt above is called Flower Pot and measures 23” b 29”. In this one you can really see the obvious quilt border that brings a traditional, as well as modern, quilt pattern. As with all her work there is an explosion of color, texture, detail, and beauty. Then there is that background that provides a great canvas for machine quilting that just adds so much texture to the work.


Imperial Blooms


This is a close up of Imperial Blooms. The full piece measures 41” by 41”. According to the book this pattern is available. Again, the depth and diversity of the stitching, along with color choices, is just stunning! I greatly admire people who have such a masterful eye for color in their art.


Bird Dance


The last picture is a close up of Bird Dance which measures 37.5” by 43.5”. Like the previous one, according to this book, this pattern is available. In this close up you see her ability to give such a fun and folk art life to animals. Each of these birds obviously has a different personality and that, once more, shows Sue’s diverse skills.

Obviously I cannot say enough about how inspirational and amazing I think Sue Spargo’s work is. I hope maybe someone out there has never heard of her and are just as smitten as I am! My next project will surely possess elements that are inspired by her and her art.

You can find more about Sue, along with classes and products she offers, at her website 

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