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Mr X Stitch Book Review Tapestry - A Woven NarrativeTapestry: A Woven Narrative is a general introduction to the state of artisan tapestry weaving in the twenty-first century”. That’s what the blurb at the back of the book says, but what it doesn’t say is that Tapestry: A Woven Narrative might just make you reconsider your view on the genre of tapestry. Tapestry: A Woven Narrative

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This is a fantastic book that features thought-provoking essays on historical and technical aspects of tapestry. There are case-studies of specific Tapestry studios that highlight the contemporary work being produced by textile artists from Australia and Europe. It’s fascinating to see pictures of the studios and understand how these artists create their large scale pieces. Tapestry: A Woven Narrative The book includes a series of interviews with Tapestry artists, with big pictures of their work for you to enjoy. I was particularly taken by the work of Soon Yul Kang, whose dream-like landscapes are meditative and tranquil. The work of Anne Jackson explores medieval mythologies and witchcraft and is dark and distressing. It’s great stuff. Tapestry: A Woven Narrative I’ve barely scratched the surface with this book, but it has become essential bedtime reading and will spend a long time as a table book in the grand lounge of Mr X Stitch Towers. If you’re at all interested in weaving and Tapestry art, you should consider getting your own copy of this book. Feel free to get your copy of Tapestry: A Woven Narrative via our handy dandy affiliate link!
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