Textiles Transformed: Thread and thrift with reclaimed textiles by Mandy Pattullo

Textiles Transformed by Mandy Pattullo


Textiles Transformed: Thread and thrift with reclaimed textiles by Mandy Pattullo explains that we don’t have to look far to be inspired, and that vintage materials and techniques can be combined to create treasured timeless pieces.

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed front cover bird
What a beaut, just look at this front cover

About The Author

Mandy Pattullo first trained as a surface designer within textiles. She has since moved on, her practice connecting more with the fabric of textiles in new ways, such as transforming vintage pieces and using historical cloth to create timeless patchworked embroidered items. She regularly exhibits her work and and teaches in the UK and other locations.

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed studio
Studio views, insight into Pattullo’s practice thorough this joy of a book

Who Is The Book Aimed At?

An interest in pre-loved fabrics or a desire to use your own treasured items to elongate their use can make this book a tempting purchase. It is certainly not an old fashioned book – thus it has a rounded out appeal. No deep experience is required to be enthralled by this book – just a desire to be cheered and excited.

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed bird drawings 1
Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed bird drawings – will this publication be for you?


First, lets look at the subject matter:

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed content

As you can see there are four chapters, covering Quilts, Wool, Linen and Lace, as well as costume ideas. Each chapter has many sub-sections too.

We loved this idea, one of many but a great way to use vintage items we may have stored up for years:

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed text
Get your hankies out – for a good reason

Ideas and projects are either illustrated or placed out as a workable project using our own inspirational treasured items. An emphasis on the slow methods holds weight here in this publication. This isn’t a book on machine embroidery, it is a lesson to take time, hand sew, make a connection with ones’ work:

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed quilt text
Quilting and text is found within the quilting section – a labour of worthwhile love

Collage and patchwork ideas are displayed throughout, all the ways we can use scraps to combine our memories. Pattallo here makes note of her previously published book Textile Collage:

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed patchwork
What pieces do you want to collage? There are plenty of options!


Looking through, the images are both useful and beautiful, all of good quality:

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed textile sketchbook
Sick of working on paper? Check out this inspirational image, all captured with great sharpness of pixel

The work has been displayed with constant variety and often grouped together to form collections:

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed two page spread
Images are often displayed over two pages, allowing for large coverage

What Makes The Book Special?

As an artist reviewing this book, I personally love getting the inside story and the artists own little tips and tricks. Pattullo certainly gives us quality in this regard, we often find that this is missing in other publications, so what a bonus!

Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed detail of text
In line with the quilts section, the author explains things so well
Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed bird drawings
Even the fine details are covered, things we may never want to ask…beak embroidery
Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed other artists
Mandy Pattullo Textiles transformed also houses a variety of other artists profiles, ones which connect thematically

Anything Wrong With the Book?

Not that we found! It is a fantastic trove of ideas that will inspire you to make more use of the textile you already have to hand!


Get your copy from BookStore and support independent book shops through this link!

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