The C Word

Taking It To The Extreme with ExtremeXStitch

No, not THAT C word…. This C word – CHRISTMAS!

A few years ago I, before I started model stitching for books and magazines, I decided to stitch one of those freebie kits you get with a well-known cross stitch publication. It was a set of gift tags that I thought would be a nice addition to family presents and something they could keep as a present on a present – gift inception if you will.

I must have started in November so stitched like a demon to get the little fiddly things finished in time to go on presents that I would take with me whichever house I was spending Christmas at that year.

I’m pretty sure it was one of the first times I stitched to a deadline – I mean there’s no point doing Christmas tags for birthday presents is there – so I didn’t really enjoy the process. I felt really unorganised and under a lot of self induced pressure. What I did enjoy was the pride I had when they were all finished, neatly cut out, stuck to the backing tag and laid on the table looking all festive. It gave me a festive warm glow.

The C Word
Tags all ready and waiting

Fast forward a few weeks and it’s Christmas Day. I’m like a toddler at Christmas – super excited, covered in glitter and I generally throw a tantrum at something very minor (a couple of years ago it was because I’d stubbed my toe on the fridge – all the festive rage came out like a pressure cooker). Everyone was gathered in the front room, opening presents and pretending it’s just what they always wanted. I watched as my beautiful hand stitched tags were ignored and tossed aside like an empty cracker – not a single person noticed my gift tags (and I didn’t even throw a festive tantrum, I’m proud of myself for that!). Hours of work ended up in the bin with all the other wrapping, boxes, cellophane and cracker hats.

I learnt from that experience and I now have loads of festive stitching for my house. I’ve got pennants, bunting, gift tags that I’ve strung together, little hanging decorations that I put on door handles, I even started – but have yet to finish – a festive wreath for the front door (speaking of which, have you seen Stitchsperation’s amazing festive range?! Head on over to her Insta to check it out ).

Have you started stitching for Christmas yet? Did you start stitching for Christmas 2019 and you’re still working on it now? Did you get ALL your Christmas stitching done earlier this year and you’re now basking in the smug glory of being organised? I think I fall into the “all of the above” categories… with an additional “I was stitching Christmas for a magazine in August” which was just plain weird.

The C Word
Donkey cross stitch