Product Review….meet The Floss Inn and their handy items!

Okay, so what or who is The Floss Inn?  

Owned and created by just one lady Julie Rodgers, The Floss Inn is a company supplying our need to be organised within our crafting.  Having now had the pleasure of trying out her beautiful products, I can fully comment on their use…..

What does she make to keep us organised?
The creator tells us…

‘The Floss Inn is a product for organizing your needlework projects in a way that makes threads very accessible without the worry of a threaded mess. My own threaded mess was the inspiration for this idea! Needlepoint, Cross stitch, embroidery! And, it is fun to use!!’

Above two kits are pictured.  Each one is made from a different fabric and you can even have one made up in your own fabric, so it can be personal to you.

Are you a person who likes a few threads or many?  There is a Floss Inn for everyone, as some have up to 30 pockets…..

Product The Floss Inn and their handy items!

Product The Floss Inn and their handy items!                                                          A pocket for scissors and a needle holder are included in each design.

Product The Floss Inn and their handy items!Look how it rolls up, making it an ideal travel item too.  Julie Rodgers explains:  ‘These project organizers have pockets, plastic pockets, with reinforced holes in them. You receive bobbins that you will wind the floss onto.  You will then take a large eyed needle, or a small skinny crochet hook, to take the end of the floss into and through the hole.’

Think of all those thread reels we have at home, all messy and knotted (at least in my case).  Imagine the time it takes to unravel them, then think of how this handy tidy could make life so much easier!

I did have a try…

Product The Floss Inn and their handy items!

All you have to do, is get out all your messy threads, wind them on, put them in the handy plastic pockets to section them off and you are good to go!

(My life goal is to now organise mine in colour order!)

Any negatives?

As someone who is always on the run, travelling to teach or lecture, I need my life to be as organised and packaged as possible.  Apart from the initial time taken to get yours up and running, i.e. threads all wound up etc, its pretty easy to use.

Julie even gives us instructions on how to use the kit…(more on her website)

Product The Floss Inn and their handy items!Design wise, was there a favourite? 

Personally I am in love with this Cactus and Llama print.  It is fun and timeless, but of course there are many to choose from!

Product The Floss Inn and their handy items!

Julie has her own website and Instagram, so take a look and I am sure you will be tempted.


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