Most Extreme Stitches Part 3 – The Inbetweeners

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Famous Cross Stitching with The Inbetweeners

Well hello there! How are you? It seems to be September already – how did that happen?

We’re now on the 3rd adventure in Extreme Cross Stitching, which I seem to remember is The Inbetweeners. I know, bonkers right?

A few of years ago I lived in Cyprus with HM Forces. It was a brilliant 3 years filled with a lot of awesome – mostly random – opportunities and I was determined to make the most of anything that came my way.

One of the most random things was that the cast of The Inbetweeners (minus Blake Harrison who plays Neil) came out to Cyprus to do a bit of a tour of the MOD cinemas to promote their latest film. What made it even more random was that the film had been out for AGES. But we were all very grateful for the visit regardless.

The guys arrived at the cinema on my base and did a meet and greet on the steps, they then did a question and answer session inside the cinema before everyone sat down to watch the film.

“Ah ha!!” I thought, “this is a PERFECT opportunity for an extreme cross stitch!”. Everyone was crowded outside the cinema in the evening heat (there’s nothing sexy about summer in Cyprus, it’s a sweat fest) and the lads arrived. Someone shouted something about clunge and we all laughed.

I seem to remember I was the first to jump at the opportunity for a photo. I made the mistake of relying on someone in the crowd to take the photos – so they’re not great.

famous cross stitching with the inbetweeners
Famous Cross stitching – captured with The Inbetweeners

When taking photos of my extreme cross stitching I always try and explain what I’m doing, but it sounds bizarre. So the response I got from the actors was raised eyebrows, a collective “…… ok…….” while they glanced at their security. Joe Thomas (who plays Simon) bravely piped up with “Oh I do loads of cross stitch!”, I replied with a “Of course you do!”, posed for the photo and disappeared back into the crowd in front of the cinema. Another extreme stitch crossed off the list!

I often wonder if they later had a chat, something along the lines of “What was that cross stitch thing about?!”, but after the rest of the military community got hold of them, I’m pretty confident that wasn’t the weirdest thing that happened to them that evening!

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