Stitch Dome!

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Welcome to another Tooled Up column where we aim to give you reviews of fun products from all over the crafty world. Today we review the Stitch Dome from Clover.

Introducing…. Stitch Dome!

Well, look at this nifty gadget. You know when you really want to stitch on something fabulous like a shirt sleeve or a little bag you’ve bought, but an embroidery hoop just won’t work in the space you want to use and you end up getting really annoyed? This is a great solution.

The Stitch Dome comes in two parts, a metal dome measuring and a jolly bright yellow elastic band. How fun! And it’s really easy to use too.

Stitch Dome!
Whoever thought this up is a genius – so simple but so gooooooood!

You simply pop the metal dome inside whatever you want to sew and secure it in place with the elastic band.

Stitch Dome!
It really is this simple to pop onto a garment or little bag!

Then you just sew sew sew, being careful to not bash the metal with your needle as you go.

Stitch Dome!
Go go go – sew sew sew!

I have had a go at using it on a few items and thought it was really easy to use. I like that it gives you a good grip on the item you are sewing as well as you can see in the photo above, and it’s easy to sew on. I did wonder if the metal might be annoying behind the fabric but it’s not at all.

Using this and the images in the Stitch A Masterpiece book I reviewed, I will be able to create some beautiful images on some little bags I already have. I imagine it would be a very handy took for working on dolls faces if you make dolls like the ones in the Cloth Doll Faces book I reviewed as well.

Stitch Dome!
I love this little promo image of a bear on a bag, he’s so cute!

This is a great innovative product which won’t break the bank and would make a perfect gift for a sewing friend. You can see a video of it in action here.

For more information on the Stitch Dome or to find local stockists contact Clover here or telephone: 01453 883581. For more info on Clover products click here.

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