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Hello all. I am back. Sorry I have been away for so long. I blame the constraints of life (and having a bust computer).

For September’s installment of Deviant Discoveries I bring you a beautiful hand embroidered paj ntaub by Toreocookies. For those not in the loop, paj ntaub is a style of traditional Hmong Textile art. Paj ntaub is often passed down from generation to generation and from my understanding is usually made up of bright, geometric patterns and motifs. Tori has used this method of hand embroidery to explore identity and sums up the art of paj ntaub so eloquently in their dA post:

“It is a form of art that is hand-stitched into our clothing, which contains our hidden language and our stories. Paj ntaub is a mark of Hmong resilience, creativity, and culture.

This is my first paj ntaub I have done. This piece is a significant marker for my identity exploration, especially in terms of reclaiming and creating what it means to be “Hmong” (represented by the front side of the paj ntaub – the right side of this image) and the messy and non-linear journey it takes to get there (represented by the back side of the paj ntaub – the left side of this image)”

I’ve spoken about my intrigue of process in the past. I find something rather compelling about behind the scenes shots when it comes to embroidery. Tori’s work however takes it to another level for me. I absolutely love how they have incorporated the underside of stitching into the piece and how both pieces are displayed together. Superb.

Paj Ntaub by Toreocookies


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