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The embroidery of Tulip Cake (which is an anagram for Katie Culp, in case you were wondering the source of the somewhat adorable name) is pumped full of attitude, sass and a whole lot of customization. Unlike many other machine embroiderers we’ve featured on Gear Threads, Katie’s medium is digitized embroidery, a technique still relatively unexplored by offbeat artists and embroiderers.

Tulip Cake works mostly in custom jobs, but for a more unusual type of clientele, resulting in off-beat and hilarious embroidery examples. I’m especially fond of the Y’allywood film festival.








She works heavily in patchwork and decidedly snarky content, and provides a fresh departure from traditional machine embroidery custom jobs. You can see more of her crafty pursuits, (including puppets and doll-repair, among other things) by visiting her website, or follow her exploits on instagram.


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