Lace Appliques On A White Sheer Fabric

Why Embroidery Is Trending on the Fashion Scene

Lace Appliques On A White Sheer Fabric

Embroidery is a hot technique in high-end fashion, though many would argue that it has always been a staple in fashion. Designers like Christian Dior and René Bégué were famed for inspiring their embroidery designs on nature. Their intricate, painstaking embroidery works often depicted trees, leaves, and flowers, represented alongside a wide array of materials like beads, pearls, and lace.

Of course, embroidery is dominating more than the world of haute couture. A host of more affordable designers are embracing traditional techniques, while others are marrying embroidery and 3D art, or creating patches with vintage sewing machines and Juki free-hand machines.

A corset richly embellished with embroidery.
Meta McKinney. Photo by Kayoua Xiong.

A Passion for Textured Materials

One of the most appealing qualities of embroidery is its ability to appeal to the sense of touch. There is something irresistible about donning fashion with elements that stand out above the fabric and give it a unique edge over printed materials. The difference between chic and cheap embroidered items and those belonging to top fashion houses lies in the process.

Machine embroidery significantly reduces the cost of garment manufacture, while stilling affording clothing items the tactile element that continues to hold the fascination of countless fashionistas across the globe.

Atelier Montex
Atelier Montex

Emulating Great Designers

Retail designers have all the inspiration from high-end designers when it comes to the wide array of designs that embroidery can give life to.

This year, Zuhair Murad’s Couture Spring/Summer collection revealed a myriad of embroidered one-of-a-kind design, ranging from sexy jackets to dresses shaped like butterflies, bearing appealing beading and hand embroidered work.

Equally inspiring is the work that Parisian embroidery house, Atelier Montex, completes for Chanel. All their pieces are made using hand stitching and the now-iconic, antique Cornelly machines. Retailers can be inspired by the unique shape and structure of these designs, cutting down costs through the use of machine-embroidered details and lower-cost bead work lace, and other embellishments. 

Embroidery by KG Design - Iris Patch - Hand Embroidery
Embroidery by KG Design – Iris Patch – Hand Embroidery

Patches and Appliqués for Casual Clothing

The rise in small, personalized fashion brands has resulted in a rising demand for the finishing touches that can lend designs an eye-catching wow factor.

To reduce total expenditures on materials and staff, small fashion houses are purchasing blank clothing items they can embellish with pre-created patches and appliqués.  Machines can also be used on items made with tightly woven fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, and linen. These fabrics are ideal for denser or more complex designs.

Stacey Jones
Stacey Jones

Beyond Fashion

The rise of robotics and machine-made pieces have led to a rising demand for hand-made, bespoke items that are made with time, love, and the personal touch of each artist. Today, embroidery is rocking the world of art as much as it is embellishing fashion pieces.

One of the most popular artists today is British artist Stacey Jones, who commenced in the world of embroidery when her husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. Since then, she has been creating unique, experimental, ultra-modern embroidered artworks whose unexpected combination of textures and colors makes each item worthy of hours of contemplation.

Embroidery has become a prominent trend in the fashion industry, captivating both high-end designers and more affordable brands. Its tactile appeal and textured elements add a unique edge to garments, reminiscent of the intricate works by renowned designers like Christian Dior and René Bégué. Additionally, embroidery has expanded beyond fashion, with its presence felt in art as artists create innovative and contemporary embroidered artworks, offering a personalized touch in a world increasingly dominated by machine-made items.

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