Felter Skelter: Wool Paintings

Shona Cammack
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Felter Skelter Revisited - Needle Felting Inspiration from the Mr X Stitch Archives

Wool Paintings 

Lets take another look at this awesome column, published a while back…

I’ve mostly covered 3D felt in this column, but did you know that it’s also possible to “paint” with wool? Wool can be dyed every color of the rainbow, but colors don’t mix on the canvas, so it takes a skilled hand to manipulate fiber in this way. Below are some beautiful examples of 2D felt artwork: wool paintings.

Deebs wool paintingsDeebs

Washington artist Deebs uses wool, silk, and other fibers to create beautiful landscape paintings.

MoyMackay MoyMackayMoy Mackay

Scottish artist Moy Mackay also uses wool to create vibrant and compelling landscapes.

Shona CammackShona CammackShona Cammack

Shona Cammack (aka FeltieFare) uses wool to create lovely animal portraits. She also incorporates stitching/embroidery in some pieces, like the hedgehog above.

ShimaFiberArt ShimaFiberArt ShimaFiberArt

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ShimaFiberArt embellishes felt slippers with her wool paintings. Each pair is a one-of-a-kind wearable pet portrait! Her 3D work is fantastic and worth a look as well.

Want to try your hand at painting with wool? Check out artist Shana Kohnstamm‘s blog for an excellent tutorial. She even used yours truly as the subject of her demo!

Shana Kohnstamm

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