XStitch Issue 6 has just landed!

XStitch Issue 6 Cover

Let’s cut to the chase. The latest issue of the world’s best cross stitch magazine has just launched!

Issue 6 is the Mixtape Issue, with no specific theme, just 15 awesome patterns from some of the best cross stitch designers in the business.

We’ve got a preview video for you to enjoy, that gives you a taste of what’s inside, but trust me, it’s rad.

Fifteen designs in digital format, available for immediate download from the XStitch website! What are you waiting for?

(Yo, the smart move is to subscribe to the magazine so that you’ll get it the moment it’s available!)

XStitch Magazine 15 Cover Subscribe

If you want modern cross stitch designs, XStitch Magazine is the answer to your prayers!

With themed issues featuring eclectic patterns from an international cohort of cross stitch designers, you’re bound to find something you’ll love to stitch!