The Mr X Stitch YouTube Channel

Did you know there’s a Mr X Stitch YouTube channel? Exciting huh?!

It's the Mr X Stirch YouTube channel

It’s early days for the channel but as well as posting FlossTube videos (casual updates on what’s happening in the world of Mr X Stitch) we’ll be curating videos featuring some of the best needlework out there – much like we’ve been doing on here for nearly ten years now.

The latest video features some of the artwork we’ve borrowed from the Royal School of Needlework archives that will be on display at the forthcoming Spring Knitting & Stitching Show. Want to see some embroidery that’s nearly 250 years old? Better go check out the video!

If you like YouTube and you like Mr X Stitch, please “like” the video, feel free to leave a comment and be sure to subscribe to the channel. It’ll give us more momentum to keep going so that we can use YouTube as another way to change the way the world thinks about embroidery!

Mr X

Mr X

Director at Mr X Stitch
The Kingpin of Contemporary Embroidery.
Mr X


The kingpin of contemporary cross-stitch and embroidery -
RT @womensart1: US illustrator and textile artist Angela Pilgrim, Afro Puff ll, 2015, print. #womensart - 10 months ago
Mr X

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