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Welcome to Mr X Stitch. We want to change the way you think about needlework. From cross stitch to quilts, from needle felting to millinery and from lace to machine embroidery, we share terrific textile art from around the world. Enjoy the post on the left - a random selection from the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge.

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lego plans by cross-stitch ninja

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Craftster Pick of the Week – Lego Plans from Cross-Stitch Ninja

This week's pick is brought to us by Cross-Stitch Ninja, whose marvelous work we've featured several times on this site. We can't help it. Everything she makes is so awesome! I mean, just look at this. Simply amazing, and so clean! Especially on those tiny numbers. See more at the original Craftster post here, and come back next week for more wonderful things from Craftster!...

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