Ellen Schinderman presents Curationism - exclusive to Mr X Stitch

We’ve some fantastic columns on Mr X Stitch and we wanted to celebrate the authors who share their love of needlecraft with you. As we prepare to launch Curationism, we’ve got an interview with curator and artist, Ellen Schinderman – enjoy!

Curationism Author Ellen Schinderman

Name: Ellen Schinderman aka Schinders aka Schindermania aka Left Eye

Location: Hollywood

Ellen Schinderman - Text Lady 2 - Hand Embroidery

Specialism: Hand embroidery and large scale cross stitch

Favourite Colour: Purple

Ellen Schinderman - Wonder Woman - Large Scale Cross Stitch

Favourite Film(s): Auntie Mame/Philadelphia Story/The Muppet Movie/Murder by Death

Favourite Band: The Beastie Boys

Ellen Schinderman - Text Lady 4 - Hand Embroidery

Favourite Book: Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones/The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin/Pop Co- Scarlett Thomas

Tell us a joke: What do ghosts like to drink when they party? Booooooze, and spirits.

Ellen Schinderman - The Filthiest Person Alive - Large Scale Cross Stitch

A little piece of wisdom if you please: Choose joy.

Ellen’s new column – Curationism – will be launching in September and you’ll be able to enjoy it on the first Saturday of every month! We’ve featured Ellen’s work for years, check out the posts here!


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I know, I know, I’m already talking about Halloween but it’ll be here before you know it!
Plus with two conventions coming up over the next two weeks, I am busy sewing for dear life so I thought some of you should be too.
Anyway, this is just a round up of some sewing patterns that can be found over on Etsy that I think would be fun for Halloween.

Over at Bee Zee Art you will find a ton of cool patterns. They have other patterns that would be great for Halloween too but I really like this bat pattern.


Bat by Bee Zee Art


This Kraken by Pixie Plushies is as cute a sea monsters come. I could see this being worked into a kid’s costume somehow.


Kraken by Pixie Plushies


And for plushes that could be worked into a Halloween costumes… how about making three of these wearable dragons for the perfect “Khaleesi, mother of dragons” costume? By Game Guardians.


Wearable Dragon by Game Guardians


This little werewolf by G and G Patterns would make an adorable Halloween gift for someone or just make him for yourself!


Werewolf by GandGPatterns


I’ve saved this one for last by Alien Patterns. He is just the right amount of creepy being pretty much life sized (you know, for a Greys alien) and having armature so that he can be posed. I bet you could scare a few kids with him!


Alien by Alien Patterns


So, sewing machines oiled and at the ready?


Scrumptious Delight Banner



Becky Gould is the big kid behind Scrumptious Delight. Working from her home in Vancouver, BC she makes plush toys and soft sculptures that combine a love of food, all things furry and an unnatural appreciation of small appliances.


xstitchersofinstagram, curated and shot by Mr X Stitch

I’m loving what @crossstitch_byerin is doing with #needlepoint. These coasters are pretty rad! :) #regram #mrxstitch
Coasters are all done! Now, the box they come in!! These rainbow coasters would be perfect for any occasion. DM me about these or any idea you have! There’s no line for orders!
Share your stitchy ‘grams with us – @mrxstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #mrxstitch


It's the Mr X Stitch Make a Cross Stitch Pattern Every Week for 52 Weeks Challenge Thingy!

It’s week 30 of the 52 Challenge and time for a spot of photo realism!

A few years back I was really involved in the world of roller derby. I’ve had plenty of experiences through this terrific sport, including getting a metal plate in my leg, and although I don’t play it any more, it’s a great sport that transforms people’s lives. Some time ago, I made this pattern to honour those who play the sport and now it’s time for you to download your own version and stitch it up.

A word of warning – there are quite a few colours in this one, so be sure to count thrice and you’ll only need to stitch once!


Jammin - Roller Derby inspired cross stitch pattern from Mr X Stitch

Right click and “Save As” to download the pattern!