Orly Cogan

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Orly Cogan is a textile artist from New York and is the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge artist that we have had the most recommendations about. One look at her work and you can see why.

Orly Cogan - Camouflage - hand embroidery on found fabrics

Orly revitalises vintage fabrics with her hand embroideries, spinning contemporary vignettes that mix the erotic with the mundane and create little bits of magic. Her works breathe life back into fabrics and existing embroideries in remarkable ways, and yet the old and the new end up looking as though they were always meant to be that way.

Orly Cogan - Bitter Sweet Obsessions - hand embroidery on found fabrics

Her work evokes memories of Alice Through The Looking Glass, of The Joy of Sex (!), of mystical worlds and private moments between lovers. Truly remarkable.

Orly Cogan - Woman's Work - hand embroidery on found fabrics
She is fearless in exposing her privacy for the consideration of the audience, and yet it’s hard to know whether you are seeing the true Orly, or simply a version of her. In many ways it’s an analogy for our modern times, where social media provides a filter for the highs and lows of our existence.

Orly Cogan - Alice in Blunderland - hand embroidery on found fabrics

To keep up with Orly Cogan, follow her on Instagram and tune into her website.

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