It's another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch - the home of contemporary embroidery

Thanks to Simona for sharing pictures of this terrific Death Star cross stitch that she plotted by hand and stitched with style. She plans on turning it into a pillow for a friend who, I’m guessing, isn’t a Jedi. That would be awkward. :)

Simona Rossi - Death Star Cross Stitch
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The Phat Quarter is our Flickr group where you can share pictures of your best stitcheries!

It’s also the place where we host our legendary swaps to coincide with our Fifth Friday Festivals of Fabulousness!

Here’s the latest 20 pictures that have been added. Why don’t you come and join us?


Stitchgasm – Karen Barbe

by Jamie Chalmers on 14 September 2014

It's another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch - the home of contemporary embroidery

I’m loving Karen Barbe‘s cool embroidered potholders – a great piece of domestitchery.

Karen Barbe - Potholders III

It’s a great design and the potholder looks robust enough to do the job properly.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, Karen recently wrote a post about how to wash your hand embroidery and I thought it was worth sharing. Here’s the visuals:

Karen Barbe - How To Wash Embroidery


FFFoF Competition Winners!

by Jamie Chalmers on 13 September 2014

It's the Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness from Mr X Stitch!

On our last Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness, we had four, count ‘em, four competitions!

The comments have been counted, the pins have been pricked, the jokes have been chuckled at and I’m pleased to announce the winners!

Pinterest Swag from Mr X Stitch

First off we had the chance to win a ton of Pinterest Swag! All you had to do was comment on one of the Pins on the many MrXStitch Pinboards – simple huh? Congratulations to April Koehler Mottram for being picked by the Random Generator. I’ll be in touch to sort out your Pinterest Parcel!

Pinterest Winner


Next up we had the chance to win the groovy new Embroidery book from Mollie Makes – read our review here - and all you had to do was tweet us and you’d be in with a chance. Congratulations to @CarlaRTOATSBlog for being the lucky winner!

MollieMakes Book Winner


We also had a chance to win the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing (reviewed here) and all you had to do was tell us a joke! The winner was Saz with this cracker: “I should stop these sewing jokes… I’m running out of good material.”

LibertySewingBook Winner

I was particularly pleased with the quality of the jokes – here’s a few for your amusement.

  • From Caroline Symonds: “Why do seagulls live near the sea? Because if they lived near the bay, they’d be called bagels.
  • From Patricia: “The urge to sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is just a whim away.
  • From Michelle Kingdom: “So two guys were playing chess when one of them said “Let’s make this game a little more interesting.” So they stopped playing chess.
  • And finally, from Cat Bergman: “I have a friend who composes tunes about sewing machines. She’s a Singer Songwriter.

Good gags, and always useful when you’ve not got a good joke to hand.

And then finally, a competition with nine pairs of tickets to the Handmade Fair up for grabs. All you had to do was tweet and after pulling them all together, the random generator picked @BedfordClanger as the winner of the Full Experience Tickets!

HandmadeFair Full Experience Winner

And the eight other winners of a pair of shopping tickets were:

  • @HStothard
  • @MultipleMumma
  • @PaperWoolThread
  • @Phoenix_177
  • @ArleneSherrard
  • @CharlieSantix
  • @Xtine_Random
  • @GeeBrading

Congrats to all of you – I shall be in touch about how to get your tickets!

What a bumper bonanza that was! Thanks to everyone who took part and fear not, there’s another Fifth Friday on the horizon in October, so there’ll be plenty more things to win then!

Until next time, keep stitching!


Mr X