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Welcome to Mr X Stitch. We want to change the way you think about needlework. From cross stitch to quilts, from needle felting to millinery and from lace to machine embroidery, we share terrific textile art from around the world. Enjoy the post on the left - a random selection from the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge.

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PaleGray Labs machine embroidered animation

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PaleGray Labs’ Marvelous Machine Quilting

    Delightful things are coming out of PaleGray Labs, a collaboration between cartoonist/animator/quilter Nina Paley and scientist/author/software developer Theodore Gray. Based in Urbana, IL, this power duo is taking computerized stitching in creative new directions. They've done some machine embroidered animations, like these (and also this): [vimeo 74884738 w=480 h=...

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