Hilary Pullen is one of my Crafty Avengers chums, part of the #imapiece group that visited Indonesia in 2012, and founder of the UK Craft Blog. Her new book, Online Marketing for Your Craft Business, is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to make the most of social media platforms to grow their business.

Online Marketing for your Craft Business - Contents

The book covers all of the main social media platforms that are relevant to craft businesses, including Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, as well as the classics. It’s a comprehensive run through of everything you need to know to get a grip on these online spaces.

Online Marketing for your Craft Business - Instagram

There’s so much in-depth advice on important topics like Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation, to name but two, that this book is definitely worth a purchase. As well as Hilary’s advice, she’s got ideas and hints from a great range of crafters who have experience in the online space (including some wiseacre called Mr X Stitch!).

Online Marketing for your Craft Business - Newsletter

Hilary has a great ability to de-mystify these topics, and through clever design and simple illustration, the book is a terrific tool for helping you get on top of this important aspect of  your business. It’s thorough, yet accessible, and is a great snapshot of the current state of social media in 2014.

Online Marketing for your Craft Business - ABC

This is a must-have for anyone with a craft business and a recommended read for anyone who wants to conquer social media. Online Marketing for Your Craft Business is published by David & Charles and is available from all good retailers. Why not buy your copy from our Amazon stores?


Weave – A Call to Arms

by Mr X on 31 October 2014

Weave - A Social Network for Stitchers

About six months ago I started Weave, a Social Network for Stitchers.

I realised that big sites like Facebook are all well and good, but sometimes you want something a little more niche.

That’s what Weave hopes to be.

You can join Weave, set up a profile and post a gallery of your work. To do this, just click on the Media Button in your profile, add your images and edit them to tell us all about them!

We’ve got message boards, kicking it old school, and you can get involved in a heap of different topics.

But here’s the thing, it’s pretty quiet on there. We’ve got over 400 members, and a core group of people keeping the dream alive, but we really need more people to join the conversation.

Here’s the other thing – this whole Mr X Stitch empire is bootstrapped like nobody’s business with so much volunteer time spent running the site, that we don’t have hardly any time to keep er, weaving the threads. And that’s where you come in.

  • If you have time to spend and want to connect with other stitchers, try us out.
  • If you’re studying textiles, we’re a great place to get ideas and make connections.
  • If you’re a maker and you’re carving a career with embroidery, tell us all about it.
  • If you’re experienced in using WordPress and in running communities, I’d love to hear from you. Seriously.
  • If you love getting stuck into technical discussions, come and have your say.
  • If you know of great resources and places for people to learn and meet, come and tell us.

There’s a real sense of freshness in the world of embroidery at the moment, and we owe it to ourselves to get a little closer and share ideas and inspiration, and find new ways to get people to fall in love with embroidery like we do.

Come and hang out with us and let’s all get to know one another.


Stitch The Halls by Sophie Simpson

It’s no secret – I’m a big fan of Sophie Simpson, aka WhatDelilahDid. I thought her first book was great and I was pleased to see her coming back for a second round. This time, Stitch the Halls: 12 Decorations to Make for Christmas gives you a dozen simple, elegant festive designs to stitch up in time for Xmas!

Stitch The Halls by Sophie Simpson - Stocking

Sophie has a great eye for design and her book is filled with ideas that hit the right balance between nostalgic and modern. From geometric gems to animal silhouettes, Sophie’s simple style permeates throughout the book, making it a charming Christmas cross stitch compendium. As with her last book, the instructions are clear and the design of the book makes it easy to get going. The designs break down into individual elements that can be easily reconfigured in a multitude of ways – twelve designs is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stitch The Halls by Sophie Simpson - Gems

I asked Sophie to tell us a bit more about the book – here’s what she had to say:

The decorations in Stitch the Halls are some my favourite projects I have ever done – I had them all pinned up on my wall while I was making the book and felt totally bereft when it was time to take them all down and send them off to my publisher!

“Sometimes when I finish a big project I am sick of the sight of it for at least 6 months, but I just can’t get enough of this one. I think maybe because most of the designs are quite small I didn’t get the chance to overdose on them. And I got to indulge all of my multiple personalities in one place – the period drama throwback, the country bumpkin and the ultra-modern style geek all have a place in the book.

“I am already planning to make a bunch more of the mini Christmas jumpers this year (one of my favourite projects from the book) and can’t wait to fill up my advent tree come December!


Stitch The Halls by Sophie Simpson - Bunting

Stitch The Halls is a great addition to the cross stitch pattern book world, and if you’re thinking of stitching for Christmas then this is a great place to start.  Stitch the Halls: 12 Decorations to Make for Christmas is published by Pavilion Books and is available from all good retailers. Why not get yours from our Amazon stores?

But wait!
You can win a copy of Stitch The Halls and also a copy of Storyland Cross Stitch! It’s a double WhatDelilahDid win!

All you have to do is leave a comment below with an amusing Christmas anecdote. The ones that makes us chuckle the most will get included in the post about the winner, which will be chosen using our trusty random number generator. Be sure to include your email address when leaving a comment so I can contact you afterwards!

Competition closes on 9th November! Good luck!



Hello lovely people! It’s a Fifth Friday, so it’s another FFFoF for your enjoyment!

No swap this time, but it looks like there’s another Fifth Friday in January so we’ll make something happen for you then!

But instead, we’ve got:

  • A review of Sophie “WhatDelilahDid” Simpson’s new book – Stitch The Halls – with a chance to win a copy!
  • A review of Hilary “Craft Blog UK” Pullen’s fantastic book about Online Marketing!
  • A review of Kristin “Kristin Nicholas” Nicholas’ new book – Colorful Stitchery – and a chance to win a copy of that!
  • News about Weave and a great project for you to get involved with!
  • And an exciting award opportunity that we need your help with!

All that is heading your way on this awesome Fifth Friday! Have a great day!



Mr X