Erica Gray - Angry Phone
Erica Gray – Angry Phone

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116 Responses

  1. Hi Mr X stitch
    My name is Heather Zeale and I work for Artworks MK in Great Linford, I’m coordinating a Heritage crafts project here at the moment and was wondering if there might be an opportunity for us to work with you.

    Would it be possible to meet up at some point? I am planning on coming along to your event at the gallery on the 3rd Jan so maybe we could have a chat then. It would be great to work with you, particularly as you are Milton Keynes based.

    I look forward to hearing from you
    Kindest Regards

  2. Hi,

    I joined Weave, just under 2 weeks ago. I am an accountant in real life, and have not had a chance to sign back in since. Just tried to sign in and I get a message that cookies are switched off and I cannot sign in. They are not switched off and the computer is the same as it was when I joined. What’s wrong? The remember me cookie worked for my password.


  3. Dying to know who won the Hand & Lock class????? Should I uncross my fingers and toes?


    1. Hi Meta,
      We had a post about it at the weekend – the lucky winner was Emily Gale. Thanks for taking part though! 🙂

  4. Hi! I’m an artist (and taxi driver)in New Orleans, LA. Someone recommended your site and thought you would like my work. It’s in the “kimbroidery” section of my website. Just some mugshots and beauty queens so far….
    kim pterodactyl

  5. Hello Mr X Stitch,

    I have your ad rates page for 2011-2012 but need your current ad rates, as well as your specs, ie ad art size for 1/4 page ad and required res. I hope to get into your next “issue.”

    Thank you!

    Sally Corey

  6. Dear Mr Stitch,

    I joined the Weave stitcher’s network but cannot find any instructions on how to add to it or load pictures etc. Please help! I would like to contribute and network with other embroiders. Thanks heaps. Regards Jane

  7. What happened to this post? ( digitizing/)

    I was looking forward to reading more about digitizing (especially from this author), but all I get is a 404 error when I hit that link. Any chance it’ll be up on the blog again soon?

  8. Hi Mr X Stitch,

    Just wanted to inform you about a new App StitchGuild –
    It is an animated stitch guide with more than 150 stitch and growing…
    It available on the Amazon App store (for free) and also directly at, it is optimized for Tablet but can also be viewed on a desktop or smartphone…

    Hope the community likes it – all feedback are welcome !

  9. Hi Mr. X Stitch
    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Katherine Diuguid and I am an Assistant Professor of Art+Design at North Carolina State University. My studio work and research focuses on hand embroidery (especially metal embroidery) and hand dressmaking. I love your website and all you are doing to promote contemporary stitching!
    I am writing in regards to your lectures and workshops. Could you email me more information or could we set up a time to call/skype/facetime/etc. to discuss the possibilities in more detail? I look forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you,

  10. Hi, I went to your last night you held at drink shop do and wanted to do the sugar skull pattern but the pieces of fabric were too small. I’m going to come again this Monday, would it be possible for you to bring a bigger piece of the fabric which would fit that design on if I give you the extra money for it? As I don’t know where I can get it near me and don’t know how big I need it! Looking forward to Monday 🙂

    1. Hi Laura,
      Nice to hear from you. I’ll make sure top bring some more bits of aida with me so we can find a way to get what you need. See you next week!

  11. Hi There Mr X,

    Was given your details from Falmouth University a lady called Hannah Maughan, but let me introduce myself, Pete Tarrant, i have worked in the digital Embroidery trade for some 30 years first 15 or so maying a leaving out of left Breast logos etc, but the last 15 i have been working on the other side which is selling embroidery design software, and embroidery machines, which takes me to some interesting places, i have in the last 2 years starting teaching our software at variety of Universities around my area, which is the south of the uk, and London, so rescently, been to Falmouth Fashion & Textiles Uni, as well as UAL in london AUB Bournemouth to name a few, but this has got me very interested in the whole embroidery thing, and am now looking at may be doing a hand embroidered course, or if you need the use of embroidery machines and software for demo purposes would be great to learn from what you are doing ? so if there something you think we may be able to do please don’t hesitate to contact me

    Kind Regards

    Pete Tarrant

  12. I am interested in purchasing the cat in pocket design so I can embroidery them on my shirts. Do you sell the pattern and how much? Thank you. Doris

    1. Hi Doris,
      We don’t actually make that design, but if you look at the links in the post, you should be able to find the person that does. Good luck! 🙂

  13. Hello Jamie
    I am writing regarding a social sewing event that I organise.
    The event is held once a month in the St. Martins area of Leicester and is an exciting mix of sewing related speakers, mini workshops and other sewing related activities.
    A platform for relevant businesses and charities to raise their profile, a resource for both businesses and customers and above all a fun night out!
    The idea for the event came from a flippant comment and has amazingly spiraled into a hugely popular event. So far the event has attracted between 50 – 150 attendees each time.
    I am now looking to take the idea further and would like to bring in speakers who have made a success of a career in the industry and would bring some work to show the audience and talk about their journey in the industry followed by Q&A.
    It would be fantastic if you would consider taking part in this way. If you would be interested I would love to hear from you.

    These are links to my blog where I write a diary entry of each event and the facebook page which we recently started. I hope these give a feel of the event.

    Kind regards

  14. I was on Pinterest and saw a graph that was in your magazine Dec 2012 called Spread your wings. It’s angel wings and I love it. I’m in the U.S. and would love this graph. Is this possible. How can I get it?

    thanks much
    Valerie Zimmerman

  15. I saw a graph called Spread your wings on Pinterest. On the bottom it said Cross Stitcher 2012. Which lead me to you. Any idea how i can get that graph. It’s amazing. I appreciate your help so far and am grateful for a reply.

    Many blessings,
    Valerie Zimmerman

  16. thanks, I posted there. hopefully someone will have that graph and be willing to share it with me.

  17. Hi Mr. xstr,
    In the October issue of Cross Stitcher you talked about stitching on the train. I live in a small town
    in Arizona, USA. we travel between 50 and 100 miles to bank and shop. I don’t stitch because
    I am afraid of sticking myself with the needle due to the movement of the vehicle. From time
    to time I knit or crochet while traveling.
    I enjoy your page in the magazine and am very interested in your stitching world.
    Mary Goodman

  18. Hi Jamie!

    Yes, Tis your friendly, leg grabbing stalker from Margate here! Didn’t get to say goodbye yesterday, so just wanted to thank you ever so much again for generously giving up your time to give me advice and inspiration. I appreciate it no end and I will not forget your kindness. If you do end up near my neck of the woods, give me a shout and I will buy you tea and cake as a thank you! It is the least I could do. I really hope to see you again sometime, keep up the brilliant work and thanks so so much again, I am so grateful.
    Take care, Stacey x
    Ps. I will also send you a bit of copy and pictures of some work as and when I can organise myself in case it is of interest-yet another great tip! Thank you!

  19. Hi Mr Stitch,

    I have registered for your newsletter sometime ago and went in to update in case I had my details wrong. I never get a newsletter from you??? Do you send the newsletter often? I do go to your web site often but would love to get the newsletter so would love you to check at your end as to why I don’t receive it.

    Yours in stitching and creating and thanks.

    1. Hi Jane,
      It’s not you, it’s me. 🙂
      At the moment I’m struggling to find the capacity to curate a good newsletter, but I’m getting rid of other workloads at a pace, so hope to get back on it soon.
      You can subscribe to the RSS feed on the site to keep up with all the goodies in the mean time:
      Hope that’s okay. 🙂

  20. Hi there,
    In your ‘making silk flower’ blog you had a link to a Japanese shop which supplied ‘silk flower’ making tools and sponges. While I could ‘get’ to the shop I couldn’t get the ‘shop’ to respond to my email.
    Their sponges even with the postage were extremely cheap as opposed any others I have found….

    When did you contact them – purchase yours?

    Do you know if they are still trading?

    Hope you can reply to me



  21. Hi Jamie,

    How are you?

    I have just looked in PHG and can see that you are still driving a lot of revenue through the platform. We close on PHG next Wednesday (26th November) so I just wanted send you a reminder to update all your links to Affiliate Window before then otherwise you will lose out on commissions. The PHG links will no longer be active when we close.

    I also just wanted to remind you about the following in case you had not yet seen it:

    1. Etsy Vouchers Competition

    To celebrate Christmas, Etsy would like to send four affiliates £100 worth of Etsy vouchers!

    An entry can be gained for every piece of Holiday themed exposure sent through to us. Giving Etsy that extra push in November and December could result in you being a lucky winner of an Etsy Voucher. Please note that rich content must be included in order to be entered into the draw.

    2. Etsy Commission Increase

    To celebrate the holidays, Etsy is increasing commission for two weeks to 7%. This increase begins on November 24th, so mark your calendars!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Many Thanks,


  22. Dear Mr X Stitch,

    I would like to know if you can recommend me the best books for machine stitching please. (how to Stich, type of stitches, etc)

    I ´m sure you will give me the best suggestions, that is why I decided to contatc you!

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Antonieta,
      Depending on what your skill level is I’d recommend Stitch Draw by Rosie James, which looks at figurative stitching with a machine and had loads to great examples. I’d also have a look at Machine Stitch: Perspectives by Alice Kettle and Jane McKeating, although that’s more wordy and theoretical.
      If you’re just starting out Stitch Draw is a good place to start.
      Don’t forget to rummage through the posts on here in the Machine Embroidery category for loads of inspiration!

  23. Good morning I want to buy the octopuss embroidery for My motorcycle seat or have you guys embroider the material and send it to me and I’ll put on the seatpan and foam myself 808 756 3542 Danny S Scott

  24. Hi there!

    I’m a Maine-based artist working under the alias Crystal Bananas. I work in a variety of media, and enjoy fusing different materials and techniques together into new and unexpected creations. Although I do a lot of paper-related arts (painting, drawing, and printmaking) one of my main focuses is needle craft and stuffed, plush monsters. I’ve been making my “monster dolls” for a long time, and just recently walked up the avenue of embroidery– and discovered there a way of working which speaks incredibly to me and my whimsical, compulsive mark-making ways. My site is brand-new, and is still in the works; not all of my portfolio is up quite yet (but I’m working to get it there!). However, I’m excited to share it with you and hope that you find it worthy of some promotion :)!

    Thanks a billion, please contact me if you have any questions!

    Hi Mr.X Stitch!
    I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and love all the goodies you post there! Thanks for all the hard work!
    Anyways, the above link is an organization I am learning more about. They are based in Mexico and are called We Embroider For Peace. Esentially they create public events ehre people are welcomed to come embroider hankerchiefs with messages of hope, peace, loss and grief onto hankerchiefs for the people who are kidnapped, killed or go missing each day in Mexico. My goal this year is to create a “pañuelo” (hankerchief) of my own from here in Canada. Anyways, I thought you might be interested in hearing about this!
    A fan, always, Shauna

  26. Dear Sir, I teach middle school Family and Consumer Sciences (formerly called Home Economics). I have some 125 students. I’d love to do a project like your puzzle project – each students gets their own puzzle piece, or it could be a small square for a quilt project, and they cross stitch something on it, then we sew it all together. Can you please suggest some ideas for how we could make the project meaningful to our community? How might each child contribute? I’m thinking a lot myself, but since you’ve had experience in community projects, I thought you might help. Where would I get the puzzle pieces? Please let me know of any ideas you have, thank you.

  27. Just saw a video of your talk at the TEDxBedford event. Bravo! I am a X-stitch junkie. I thought you might be interested in a site that has had me addicted since 2004. Heaven and Earth Designs, here: Since finding them I have stitched nothing but HAED charts. We have a lovely community on Yuku and Face Book as well. I am an Admin for both the Yuku Bulletin Board and the Official Heave and Earth Designs Face Book page. We would love for you to visit. Looking forward to your comments.
    Keep up the good work!
    Louanne Stocker

  28. Greetings Mr X!
    I just viewed your Spiderman cross stitch picture where you used the glow in the dark thread. Very impressive! I am interested I obtaining the pattern and would like to know more information about the thread. Please advise.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      That design was done by Lindy Overdiek, aka stitchFIGHT. You can find her on Flickr and I’m sure she’ll help you if she can. Good choice and good luck!

  29. I am trying to find an article by Margaret Lewis on Japanese Embroidery in conjunction with the Royal School of Needlework. The site keeps coming to you. Can you help please?

  30. Hi,
    I am organizing workshops for 2 of the UK’s brilliant stitch artists, Rosalind Wyatt ( and Jessie Chorley ( They will be teaching for the first time in the US, in Santa Fe. Please check out their amazing work on their blogs, and for details on the workshops go to


  31. Hi Mr. X Stitch,
    I am organizing some workshops for some amazing British textile artists to teach in Santa Fe. My first artist is Rosalind Wyatt ( Here is her artist’s statement from her website:
    Meet the Artist

    My work is about words – the ‘sound’ of them, the ‘feel’ of them and the forming of letters. The choice of tool is uninhibited and relevant to the content of the text – therefore my range of writing tools has expanded from nib, through to brush and now to a needle.

    When you form a letter, something happens and it is this ‘something’ that has kept me searching. I love the versatility of letters and the fact that within a single mark can be a thousand emotions.

    My recent work is exploring ‘writing with a needle’ copying the handwriting of a letter into stitch. This is done directly by hand and eye onto a textile without pre printing. I believe handwriting reveals the personality of the letter writer – to me, it’s like their voice after they’ve gone. I’m fascinated by all those unique details of a handwritten mark….the flow, rhythm, spacing which tell the story of a particular moment in time. When text and textile come together, that person and their story comes to life.

    I would love to be able to let people know about Rosalind and her upcoming workshop….her first time teaching in the US! This fall, another brilliant textile artist , Jessie Chorley, will be teaching.


    1. Thanks Karen – I’ll turn this into a blog post. If you ever want a male British cross stitch person to do some workshops over there, you know where I am! 🙂

      1. Rosalind’s upcoming workshop is May 11-17, 2015 in Santa Fe, and by way of a bribe for an earlier post, I would do a giveaway of Leanne Prain’s new book “Strange Material” featuring Rosalind’s gorgeous work on the cover. Interested?

  32. How do I send an artist statement and upload pictures for you guys? I’m working on an 18″x18″ 18 count piece based off of Alex Grey’s Vision Crystal. I’m only about 1/6 the way through, but I’d like to share the experience and progress with others.

  33. Hi,

    I recently began doing graphics for a small embroidery company, they are using Palette ces vs 9. The files Im sending them, bmp, wmf.. so far..have been creating ghost outlines that the digitizer then has to take the time to remove.

    They are a dotted line around the peices of image that become a seperate entity and to zip and ship our files, they they have to be deleted and messed around with. I’d like to send clean files that don’t have this problem.

    Is it something I am doing at my end of the graphics generation or something the software is doing outside of my work.

    Thank you for your time in advance,

    Rene Shepard (918) 951-4822

    This is a USA number.

    1. Hi Rene,
      I tried to find out some an answer to your question but I’ve been unsuccessful. I’d drop a line to the Palette company maybe and see what they say. It sounds like it’s a conflict with the graphics software and maybe a PNG format or some such would fix it.
      Good luck! 🙂

  34. embroidered pocket cats by Japanese artist Hiroko Kubota- Is it possible to purchase Hiroko Kubota’s embroidery designs only?

  35. Hello,
    Sorry to bother you, as I know your very busy.

    For sometime I have been looking to purchase a pattern of yours, to no avail. It is the one with two squirrels, and says something to the effect of slap chop.

    Would you please direct me to where I could get it. Thanks

    Dianne Polinsky

  36. Wonderful to finally (after many years) to meet you Jamie at Olympia yesterday. Wished I brought my WIP of the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith and some finished projects I’ve done over the years. There’s always another time I guess.

  37. Dear Mr. X Stitch,
    I would like to send photos of my work and an artist statement. Please let me know the correct e-mail address to send it to.
    Thank you,
    Salley Mavor

  38. Hello,

    I have a collection of Iban Ikats which I collected in Kantu Aping, West Kalimantan in 1978. They are the first documented Ikats stating the maker and the name of the designs. As I get older, I am interested divesting myself of the collection so they can be seen by the public. If interested, please contact me.

    1. Hi Richard, this is an interesting proposition. Can you email me ( as I’d like to talk more about it.

  39. Hi, my name is Xander Lih, I’m a cross-stitcher who was glad to find this site and community. I stitch my own Celtic-influenced knotwork patterns. In addition to the interesting knot shapes, the patterns feature 3-color shading to give an embossed depth appearance to the strands of the knot.

    A gallery featuring most of my completed projects to date can be seen at

    I “published” a few of the simpler patterns. I call them Entanglements, and if anyone would like to stitch one themselves the patterns are available for free at

    Keep On Cross Stitching!

  40. I have pattern called summer fairy and it calls for Kreinik #4 braid: 002 gold but I don’t know if it’s the right colour. You can’t see it in the picture on the band above the blue on the skirt. At the waist line. Please can you help me ? We don’t have anyone here were I live that dose cross stitch always have to go to city for help.

    1. Hi Gloria,
      I’ve passed your question on to Dena at Kreinik, I’m sure she’ll help out of she can.

    2. Hi Gloria, who is the designer of the pattern? Sometimes I can tell which color is used according to who the designer is…I may have worked with them in the past. Colour 002 is a Kreinik gold color, and it comes in the #4 Braid size. You can find it through many online stores if you don’t have a cross stitch shop nearby. SewandSewCo for example carries Kreinik threads. Email me directly at

    1. Hi Mildred,
      I’m not sure that there’s a pattern to follow per se, but if you visit Bugambilo’s Flickr page, you can connect with her and ask her if there’s a pattern to follow. Hope that helps!

  41. yes i am trying to get the bugambilos galatea cat pattern. and can not pill it up. what am idoing wrong ? please email me and tell what is wrong.
    thanks mildred

    1. I’m not sure that it’s an actual pattern that you can download Mildred. Bugambilo did that piece as an original, so it might be that it’s not possible…

  42. As a somewhat fair crossstitcher I am very much interested in obtaining the pattern for The Raven profiled in a posting dated 20 September 2010…this project was cross stitched in the shape of the bird with words of the poem..Edgar Allan Poe is a favorite of my son and i would like to cross stitch The Raven for him as a gift..
    Thank you for any information regarding this pattern.

  43. How do I purchase a Kanye West hand embroidered tweet?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  44. Hey
    I’m trying to get a Kate Westerholt piece of cross stitch art. Do you have any contact for her or her agent, please?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Gary,
      Kate’s web presence is quite slight, so unless you can find her on Facebook, I’m not sure. Was it her work in particular you wanted?

  45. Hello Mr X Stitch,

    Having been a fan of your blog for a while, I thought it might be a good idea to share my work with a wider audience.

    I design and make hand stitched and peacocks from pure wool felt and based on what you’ve shared on your blog in the past, I thought you might connect with my contemporary birds.

    I haven’t attached any photos but if you click on my website link, and if you like the look of what I do, I’d be happy to send you high-res photos and answer any questions you might have about my work if it appeals to you.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my email, I really appreciate it!

  46. I saw a sampler of a home sweet home over a mantel with a cat….it brings me to you. How do I buy it?

  47. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Artist’s New Exhibit Champions Women’s Reproductive Rights Through Cross-Stitch

    Brooklyn, NY – June 7, 2015 – Marked as an artist defining a new chapter in feminist art, Katrina Majkut (My’kut) will exhibit her first solo art show, named “In Control,” June 16-28 at Chashama Gallery in New York City (

    “In Control” defies the traditional medium and subjects of cross-stitch and instead responds to the increasing debates and turmoil over women’s reproductive rights and safety. Historically, embroidered “samplers” only showed a woman how to keep a household, children and a husband. Majkut rejects the obsolete, domestic functionality of samplers through a comprehensive inventory of women’s medical, menstrual and contraceptive products—products that continue to be on the periphery of legality and social approval. She has turned the medium into a contemporary woman’s demonstration of a woman’s ability to care for and right to control her own body.

    “ ‘In Control’ challenges biased notions of womanhood and motherhood,” says Majkut. “More dialogue is needed about the complicated medical needs of women to be autonomous and healthy, their right to have control of their bodies, and how poorly understood it all often is.”

    Women’s physical safety and medical rights have come under extreme scrutiny these past few years as a result of the Hobby Lobby verdict, “personhood” bills, campus policies and responses (or lack thereof) toward sexual assault, anti-abortion legislation and more. Therefore, it is no mistake that the show’s opening coincides with the 55th anniversary of The Pill.

    “In Control” Opening Reception: June 18, 6-9 pm
    Gallery Hours: June 16-20, 2pm – 6pm; June 23-25, 2pm – 6pm; June 28, 1-5pm.
    Private viewings available by appointment. Contact

    “In Control” by artist Katrina Majkut

    266 W 37th Street, New York, New York, 10018

    Chashama, which is Farsi for “to have vision,” has been empowering artists and performers in NYC since 1995 by transforming underutilized real estate into affordable work and presentation spaces, and by promoting and educating artists through its programs.

    Majkut is an artist and writer tackling women’s social and civil issues in Western wedding traditions, as The Feminist Bride.

    # # #

  48. Hi Jamie, I was at your talk at Sew Sociable in Leicester on Friday , I had a great time and whilst I was not aware of this blog until then, I am now a subscriber! I’ve written a quick review of the evening on my blog ( which you can check out if you’d like the feedback or ignore if you’d rather not know!
    So thank you for travelling up to the wilds of Leicestershire to come and visit us,

  49. Hi there,
    Very interested in the Feminist Fibre Art Show planned for Boston. I’ve tried the website, but no connection? Is this current call for artist? If so where can I get the submission info?

  50. hey there mr.x, just a line to share some of the things I have been up to since last we met.

    My website has had a makeover and is looking pretty gooooood. take a peek.

    Also had a few exhibitions, notably ‘fabric of society’ , a solo exhibition at the People’s museum in Manchester. Which took a look at protest.

  51. Would love to learn cross stitch at a workshop. As I Have to travel to Bedford from Lincoln by train – could you please let me know a time and date.

  52. Hello there! Thankyou for all the stitchery inspiration and info, I could spend weeks here and never surface!
    I can’t see anywhere else to submit images and info, but wondering if you’d be interested in my work?
    I’m a designer/maker with stitching at the heart of everything. My work in the past has largely involved mixed media & freehand machine sewing, but over the last year I have been more hand embroidery focused and with a view of sharing and encouraging others to join in the fun have introduced some tutorials and modern embroidery kits to sell.
    You can find the kits in my etsy shop:
    And a gallery of my mixed stitch work is here:
    Thanks so much for your time

  53. Good morning to you,

    I’ve just noticed that I was chosen a competition winner in the giveaway for ‘Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops’ book. That’s exciting. Thank you. Thank you.

    My address is:
    Kathy Sukeena
    680 Allentown Rd
    Telford, PA 18969 USA

  54. Hi! (I can’t quite figure out if this is where you want me to submit, but it is the only contact point on this site, so…)

    You asked for stitched portraits, and that’s (part of) what I do. Everything I make is rendered and stitched completely by hand and is all original work. You can see them on my Instagram (@CatherineHicksArt) or my website ( I assume you will let me know if you like them. Cheers! Catherine. ps – I love your feeds! Really!

  55. hi
    I am wondering if you can give me a price and delivery time on a prototype of one of my characters from the childrens books I have created.
    many thanks

  56. I got my book in the mail. I love it. can’t wait to start a family sampler. especially since I have another new arrival coming in October!

  57. Hi,
    My friend Kayleigh and I came to your evening at Drink, Shop and Do on Monday and loved it. You told us it would change our lives and it turns out you weren’t kidding! I’ve caught Kayleigh stitching in the cupboard,on her lunch break, during our commute and under her desk!
    Since my first go on Monday, 5 friends have seen my attempt and want me to do something for them (turns out the anal-ness about the font was worthwhile!) Have you got any advice on where to bulk buy aida and embroidery hoops?