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  • Thank you! OMG I so need to see others that have the same perspective on stitching that I do, now I know I can go on and do some awesome stitching that no one else has ever seen!

  • Hi all – love your blog, I read it every day (I am a Japanese Embroidery student, but a wanna-be contemporary stitcher). A friend has a neat blog which might be worth sharing – plays-with-needles.blogspot.com


    Oakton, Virginia, USA

  • My life is so much better now that I’ve found Mr. X Stitch. I’m sure you are the reason the sun came out today in Bellingham 😉
    Cheers and stitches, g.

  • Hello to the stiching crowd,
    we have recently published a book and webtools on the dos and don’ts of the interacting in the digital world (www.eEtiquette.com). In order to link our guidelines with their historic context as well as to the digital world (pixel vs. cross stich) we chose a stiching style using the great typeface ‘home sweet home’ or ‘Tante Gertrud.’ Soon after the launch, the growing eEtiquette Community started stitching in real (http://www.flickr.com/photos/101ee/sets/72157626623619075/) which lead us to a great seeries of stiched images:http://eetiquette.de/leitlinie-sticken/.
    We are a big fan of your site – may be we should connect?
    The eEtiquette team

  • hello not sure if u will remember but i met u at stitched science (i was there on the saturday with my little man) wanted to say it was great to meet u as ive been following ur blog for a while and the stuff on it always inspires me to think up new stuff to stitch…wish i could stitch faster! Keep up the great work pushing the cross stitch boundaries! G

  • Hi Guys,

    Here at the Ivy Press we are trying to expand our press database; we were wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing a copy of the brand new Paris Sweat Shop Book for us?

    Unfortunately you’ll have to take a look on Amazon as our new website isn’t up and running yet!

    If you’d like to review the book then please get in touch with your contact and address details.

    We’d love for more creative people to share their thoughts on our titles!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi there,
    I saw you on Kirstie’s Handmade Britain on tv tonight, and was pleased to see that I’m not the only bloke who enjoys xstitch !!
    I’ve been ‘indulging’ myself for a few years, mostly following patterns though I have done a couple of small pieces of my own design. I really enjoy losing myself in the work, though I can’t admit to it being of ‘show’ quality – I even hide it from family and friends, cos I would be too embarrassed by their comments. So how you can go out and about, and just stitch wherever you are is something I could never do, so kudos to you !!
    I’ve not done any stitching for a long time, but you have inspired me to take it up again and thanks for that.

    Best regards

  • A friend told me about your website and your book; I ordered the book, and all I can say is “Wow”! I was blown away by the incredible talent showcased in “Push Stitchery.” I’ve begun to follow this site and will backtrack and find your podcasts. I’ve not yet absorbed what the book has to offer, but I know it will provide much pleasure for a long time to come. Thank you.

  • Hey Mr X Stitch,
    Just wanted to say that I saw you on Handmade Britain all that while ago and you inspired me to give cross stitching a shot. Not normally given to creative endeavours I was highly surprised when lo and behold I did not tear/break/burn/succumb to frustrated hysteria, but instead managed to complete a crafty creation all of my very own.

    My friends have only you to thank for the influx of cross stitch which will soon be flooding their way.

    And thank you for introducing me to a new obsession and final outlet for my heretofore frustrated creative impulses

  • What a breath of fresh floss you are! So glad I found you! Cross-stitch is part of my loves…I’m planning to have a cross-stitch week on my blog next week!

  • hello, i’m a contemporary french artist settled in paris, and have been working the thread, and stitch over 10 last years…you may discover my work on my website but also on my FB page…i really like your website, very inspiring and stimulating ..
    .bravo !
    brankica zilovic chauvain

  • Hello,

    My name is Camila and I really liked your work. Congrats!
    Do you work with orders? I am interested in the “Pollaz’s Woody Allen Plush”, but I want to ask you if you could make a plush toy of the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.
    How much is the “Pollaz’s Woody Allen Plush”? And, in case you could make a Carl G. Jung, how much it would cost?
    I live in England. Do you deliver here?


    • Hi Camila,
      In that post, Pollaz is the person that made the plush, so if you follow the link near their name, you should find a way to connect with them and see if they can help. Good luck!

  • Hi Mr. X Stitch:

    I’m not sure if you still check this website but I’m going to give it shot – and hoping you may be able to help…

    I was at a local consignment store and saw a brand new cashmere scarf for a substantial discount compared to retail. The only issue is that there are monograms embroidered on it.

    I was still planning on purchasing it and remove the embroidery but realize the machine embroidering process may have already damaged the cashmere underneath. Can you confirm or clarify if that’s in fact the case? Is it worth the effort?

    I took pictures of the front and back of the embroidery but post them here – you can see them here (http://sewingforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=…)

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hiya,
    It’s probable that you’ll get some residual holes left in the scarf but you might be able to manipulate the fabric to smooth them out. Good luck!

  • I am looking for the cross stitch pattern for Miss Clawful’s Joker. Is there a pattern? Would love to do for a friend.

    • Hi Madeline,
      Thanks for the message. As far as I can tell Miss Clawful isn’t on deviantArt any more, but she might still be on the Sprite Stitch boards, so if you sign up there, you can find her and ask her! Hope that helps!

  • Hi MrXstitch.
    I work as a librarian in a Central Public Library in Denmark. We are concidering a subscription to your magazine for library use. Is it possible to order a free issue for this purpose?
    (I do craft in my spare time and have a webshop with a friend of mine. We create things from textile and make stitches on them 🙂 )
    Cheers, Laura

  • hi

    even had some birds 3d printed i now want to cover them in embroidered fabric to match their original colours … is this possible using different fabrics and stitches ,, i would like the finished piece to fit the contours of the 3d piece as nicely a possible .. any help will be most gratefully received

  • Hi Mr X Stitch
    Some friends and I have started doing our baubles for the Standen Christmas Tree, but we’re not sure what size the actual stitched bit of the bauble should be. I assumed it should be 4″ to go in the 4″ hoop but it’s coming up a bit smaller than that, following the pattern and on 14ct fabric. I’m assuming there shouldn’t be any unstitched fabric showing in the hoop?
    Also is there going to be anything on the back?
    Thank you

  • Just been to Standen and keen to join in this project ….. lots of good ideas BUT really keen to know the exact size of the material I should cut. 4″ hoop plus couple of inches of fabric around the stitched piece. ie 8″ square is the answer?

    • Hi Katrina, as long as there’s at least an inch around the design we should be in good shape, so I’d say 6 inch square minimum. 14ct is the key!

      Glad you enjoyed the exhibition!