Mr X Stitch brings Showtime Snippets

Showtime Snippets sweeps together all kinds of titbits from the interwebs into this handy digest for you. If you’re a stitch/textile artist, hopefully these snippets will help you find shows and exhibit!



The Handmade Fair has been and gone and it was great fun! Three days of lovely weather at Hampton Court Palace gave a lovely backdrop to all manner of crafty goodness, with thousands of people trying new crafts and buying lots of goodies from a range of great sellers. Next week, I’ll feature some of the great people I met, but for now I’d like to share what was (in my view) the most important event on the schedule.

Deadly Knitshade vs Mr X Stitch

The Mollie Makes Mashup on Friday morning was a twelve round no-holds-barred battle between Deadly Knitshade and I where we sought to decide, once and for all, which was cooler – knitting or stitching! In front of a 300 strong crowd we shared examples of our favourite crafts along a series of themed rounds. Here’s how it went down!

Round 1- Graffiti Thing

Yarnbombing on Saltburn Pier

DK offered up the yarnbombing that took place on Saltburn Pier in honour of the London Olympics…

Andoni Maillard - Truck

I chose Andoni Maillard‘s graffiti cross stitch…

The crowd voted and DK took the round! Knitting 1 – 0 Stitching!

Round 2: Warm Fuzzy Charity Thing

I chose the Bloodbag Project from our very own Leigh Bowser.

The Blood Bag Project


DK chose the Helsinki 7800 – handmade blankets that were made for donation to people in Afghanistan.

Helsinki 7800

The crowd voted and it was a win for stitching! Knitting 1 – 1 Stitching! 
Round 3: Giant Thing.

DK shared Shauna Richardson‘s amazing giant lions…

Shauna Richardson

I chose Ben Venom.

Ben Venom

It was close but… I won! Knitting 1 – 2 Stitching!

Round 4: Teeny Tiny Little Thing.

Chloe Giordano‘s tiny embroidered deer drew lots of aahs from the crowd…

Chloe Giordano

As did Althea Crome’s tiny gloves.

Althea Crome

The crowd voted and DK got the win! Knitting 2 – 2 Stitching!

Round 5: Worringly Odd Thing.

Not for the faint hearted, DK chose Emily Stoneking’s crochet dissections…

Emily Stoneking

I plumped for Eliza Bennett‘s hand embroidery, which has provoked a lot of responses from people.

Eliza Bennett - A Woman's Work - Hand Embroidery

People were unnerved but they voted ! Knitting 2 – 3 Stitching!

Round 6: Scary Thing.

While the crowd was still reeling, I knocked the ball out of the park with Noelle Mason‘s powerful cross stitch.

Noelle Mason Cross Stitch

DK responded with this excellent Exorcist piece from Croshame:

Exorcist Playset With Croshame

Nuff said! Knitting 2 – 4 Stitching!

Round 7: Super Cute Thing.

DK punched hard with the knitted cuteness of Mochimochiland.


I fought back with Hiroko Kobuta‘s embroidered kittens…

Hiroko Kubota's embroidered kittens

It was a close call but stitching took it! Knitting 3 – 4 Stitching!

Round 8: Geeky Thing.

I unleashed Lord Libidan‘s LCARS cross stitch…

Lord Libidan - LCARS

But DK fought back hard with Sunshyne Leland‘s Baby Yoda…

Baby Yoda by Sunshyne Leland

… and took the round! Knitting 4 – 4 Stitching!

Round 9: Superhero Thing.

DK’s Wonder Woman jumper from Kirsty Lothian was good…

Kirsty Lothian

But was no match for StitchFIGHT‘s glow in the dark Spiderman cross stitch!

Knitting 4 – 5 Stitching!

Round 10: Furniture Thing.

Melanie Porter‘s knitting chair stirred some patriotic juices…

Melanie Porter

But Sarah Greaves‘ embroidered bath tub took the win!

Sarah Greaves Bath Tub

Knitting 4 – Stitching 6!

Round 11: Thing You Never Realised Was Stitched Thing.

I came out swinging with the wonderful work of Cayce Zavaglia

Cayce Zavaglia - Sophie

And DK hit back with Ben Cuevas‘ knitted skeleton.

Ben Cuevas

It was close but the crowd made the right choice! Knitting 4 – 7 Stitching!

Round 12: Thing You’ve Made.

I offered up my Whitby Abbey cross stitch (as seen on TV!)

Mr X Stitch - Whitby Abbey Cross Stitch

But it was no competition against the awesomeness of Plarchie – even I voted for him!

Plarchie in Berlin - Three Girls and a Boy and a Squid

Knitting 5 – 7 Stitching!

And that was it! The battle was done and across twelve rounds of awesome textile art, the final result was a win for stitching!

Victory for stitching!

A massive shout out to Deadly Knitshade for providing such an awesome challenge. Big love to the people at Mollie Makes and the Handmade Fair for letting us out to play and thanks to the audience for voting! Fingers crossed we’ll be back next year for more of the same!


Hand & Lock

Hand & Lock, the British embroidery atelier with close links to the Royal Family and Europe’s finest couture houses is proud to present its début collection for S/S 15.

Hand & Lock SS15 Collection - Sequin Baby

In recent years the 247 year old embroidery house has been tasked with providing specialist embroidery work for the likes of Christian Dior, Mary Katrantzou, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. The début collection titled ‘The Radicalisation of Nadia’ is an opportunity for the embroiderers and embroidery designers to showcase their own ideas and push the design envelope.

Hand & Lock SS15 Collection - Palm

Early in 2014 Hand & Lock launched a competition to find a talented designer to partner with for the collection. Steven Sheldon of design house Sheldon Hall won the competition with his ‘Palm Leaf Coat’. His vision fitted the brief, impressed the judges and set the tone for the collection.

Hand & Lock SS15 Collection - Tweedly

Since February the complex embroidery has been meticulously worked on by hand for over 2000 hours. The pieces range in value from £2,000 to £7,000 and will be available for press loans before being put on permanent display at the Central London atelier.

Hand & Lock SS15 Collection - Lion

The individually numbered clutch bags titled ‘The Big Bang’ and ‘The Big Boom’ will be available to buy exclusively from the Hand & Lock website. Each bag comes complete with its owners initials monogrammed into the soft gold foil kid leather.

Hand & Lock SS15 Collection - Gun Dress

Hand & Lock’s Production Director Jessica Jane said ‘We still work in a very traditional way but this collection shows the classic embroidery techniques can be used to produce contemporary street wear as well as embellished ball gowns. We wanted to show the wider industry that British embroidery is alive and well and that the application is unlimited’.

Hand & Lock SS15 Collection - Jungle Skirt

‘We are proud of the début collection and hope designers, students and fashion schools appreciate the expert skills are in short supply in the UK; we all have a responsibility to keep this industry alive. This collection should act as a reminder that by working in collaboration and by pushing the limits we can show how Britain still leads the world in fashion innovation’.


It's Blast From The Past From Mr X Stitch

Today’s Blast From the Past is a great music video from back in 2008 called “Like It Or Not” by Aussie band Architecture in Helsinki. Not only will it get you moving your feet, but it will leave you in total awe.

I can’t even begin to imagine how any hours of stitching and how many frames went in to make this video, which is just under 3 minutes long. The handiwork is that of Mr X Stitch favourite MaricorMaricar!


Mr X