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Showtime Snippets sweeps together all kinds of titbits from the interwebs into this handy digest for you. If you’re a stitch/textile artist, hopefully these snippets will help you find shows and exhibit!


The Cutting & Stitching Edge | Contemporary Embroidered Art from Mr X Stitch

Erica Gray is a mixed media artist from Queensland, Australia.

Erica Gray - Angry Phone


Initially influenced by garment design and construction processes, Gray utilises similar principles to produce soft sculpture and installation art. Her art is often a reference to personal experiences as well as concerns for humanity, our environment and the treatment of animals.

Erica Gray - Deflated Skin

“The pieces often translate into works comprising a blend of human and animalistic form that is often layered with meaning, through to pieces designed to play on emotions; works that toy with childhood memories and growing up, spending time on farms, disjointed family connections, empathy for the lost, a love of animals as well as the fun times amongst a family full of plumbers.

Erica Gray - Benders Pipes & Elbows

“Her goal in life, as in her art, is to produce works that represent her moods and ideals, from bright and cheerful, through to a representation of other expressions.”

Erica Gray - I'm Waiting For You

I love a good soft sculpture. There’s something amazing about people that can produce large scale pieces that challenge our ideas of form and function. Working with soft materials presents a different set of structural challenges, so anyone who creates sculptures in this format is already a winner with me. Erica’s work not only ticks those boxes, but her explorations into what can best be described as techno-anthropomorphism really impress me.

Erica Gray - Animal Within

Some of her work is scary, some of her work is strange, but all of her work challenges you. It takes the familiar and makes it strange, gives it bite. There’s a real creativity at play here and I’m looking forward to see what future creations will burst forth from Erica’s imagination.

Erica Gray - Rock Anemone

These sculptures are just part of Erica’s remarkable portfolio of work, so get yourself comfortable and spend some time in her website. It’s worth the trip!


The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge is brought to you in association with PUSH: Stitchery, the contemporary embroidered art book curated by Jamie Chalmers. Featuring 30 textile-based artists from around the world, it’s a must have for needlework fans.


As seen in Cross Stitcher Magazine

Hi! I’m Jo, Production Editor at CrossStitcher, with a peek at the January issue of your favourite cross stitch magazine! This month, we have heaps of cosy projects to snuggle up and stitch on cold winter nights. Here’s a few of our favourites…

Our cover star is the adorable Belle and her bunny friend Boo. These two little pals are warming up with a hot chocolate before they go to sleep. We’d love a pair of Belle’s fluffy pompom slippers!

Cross Stitcher Issue 287 - Cover

Talking of being cosy, make sure you add some extra squishiness to your sofa with our lace cushion in fresh pink. The project includes a matching heart sachet in lemon and a make-up bag in pastel blue, too.

Cross Stitcher Issue 287 - Cushion

January is all about the sales, so sharpen your elbows, make space in your wardrobe and hit the highstreet. Remember to take our witty shopping tote with you – it’s roomy enough for plenty of bargains!

Cross Stitcher Issue 287 - Bag

With all these projects, you’ll be wanting a cup of char. While you’re at it, stitch up our quartet of tea and retro biscuits – perfect for brightening any room.

Cross Stitcher Issue 287 - Tea


Find these makes and lots more in CrossStitcher’s January issue (287), out Friday 12 December. Buy your copy online at or find it in all good newsagents. Prefer a digital version? Download our app on Apple Newsstand for iPad and iPhone, or find it at for PCs and Macs.

Happy stitching!


Jo Ryan - CrossStitcher Production Editor


It's Blast From The Past From Mr X Stitch

Last Christmas RedFoxAlice’s Winter Deer didn’t such much as give us it’s heart, but rather stole ours. Those doe eyes..I just can’t handle it.

RedFoxAlice's Winter Deer Art Doll



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