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The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge

In the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, Jamie “Mr X” Chalmers brings you new and exciting contemporary embroidery artists from around the world! Exclusive to Mr X Stitch!

Holly Rozier - Bleeding Scabby Blob, 2013, Textile Mixed Media, 40x40x150cm
Anthony Stevens - Modern Man - Hand Embroidery
Jennifer Pettus - Tongued Twist (detail)
SarahMichelle - Embroidered Tattoo #5
Forever21's Thread Screen
Sayraphim Lothian - Wreath
Erin McMom - Mystery Guitar Man Cross Stitch
Kate Crossley - Chrysalis
Hannalie Taute - Sacrifice
Teresa Lim - Sew Wanderlust Singapore - Hand Embroidery
Rebecca Harris - Head
Erica Gray - Rock Anemone
Bárbara Salazar - Fragmento De Atlantis
Niki Havekost - Pin Cushion
Helen Sill - Cubes
Meredith Woolnough - Ginkgo Florette
Stacey Chapman - Bulldog - Machine Embroidery
Sola Fieder - Working
Evelin Kasikov