NSFW Saturday – Pete Seazle Part Five!

Hi everybody! It’s Saturday, and you know what that means – so if you’re ready, sneak past our interspecies loved up couple (so sweet!) and get to it! WARNING! NSFW SATURDAYS WILL CONTAIN CONTENT THAT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK! IF YOU READ THESE POSTS, AND ARE OFFENDED, WE’RE SORRY…

FFFoF! Multiple Stitchgasms! – Adventure Time Part Two!

Get yo’ buns over here and check out pt II of the Adventure Time multiple stitchgasm! Needle Felted Flame Princess and Marceline by CatsFeltLings Hand Embroidered Gunter Patch by am3stewart Tree Trunks plush by shiroiyukiko Waving Snail Applique by Shine_blitz_on Earl of Lemongrab Plush by TiffyCuppyCake  Lumpin’ love them.