Are we keeping you Pinterested?

We love Pinterest at Mr X Stitch. It’s a sumptuous feast of inspiration and ideas, while simultaneously being the world’s best time vortex. Every time I go on there to pin some of the stuff we’ve featured on here, I find myself coming to my senses three hours later staring…

Stitchgasm – Laura Thomas’ Woven Entrapment

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Thomas last month at Craft in the Bay, and I was enchanted by her woven experiments. When she told me about her video, it was an instant stitchgasm. Enjoy! Woven Entrapment from R&A Collaborations on Vimeo. —–

NSFW Saturday – Kathryn Shinko Part Two!

Hi everybody! It’s Saturday, and you know what that means – as you get down to it, watch out for the poop! WARNING! NSFW SATURDAYS WILL CONTAIN CONTENT THAT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK! IF YOU READ THESE POSTS, AND ARE OFFENDED, WE’RE SORRY BUT WE DID WARN YOU!