2020 – A Eetrospective | Cross Stitch

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I think we can all agree that in more than one way or another, 2020 was a dumpster fire.

But I’m one of those annoying people who always tries to find something positive in the face of adversity. So although 2020 has gone up in a combination of smoke and hand sanitiser, it’s made me grateful for what I do have – in no particular order my family, my friends, my health, easily accessible outside space, my day job (a girl can not live on cross stitch commissions alone) and a bloody good sense of humour.

Around this time every year I trawl through the photos on my iPhone and collect together the pictures of the year’s stitching. Every year I’ve forgotten most of the things I’ve stitched – and some 2020 pieces have yet to be published (they remain blurred out – sorry). I’d also forgotten that one piece was featured on Kirstie Allsopps “Keep Crafting and Carry On” – which is one of my proudest achievements to date (one of my goals in life is to actually meet her).

Here we go – the blurred out images are yet to be published in various publications

I’m very thankful for cross stitching. Not only does it bring a bit of income, it brings immense joy. If I’ve had a bad day, I know I can go stab some aida multiple times and I feel much better. I find cross stitch totally immersive, I can’t do anything else but concentrate on what I’m doing. I generally put something with lots of dialogue on the TV (The Real Housewives!) and pop my phone on “do no disturb” and spend hours just stitching away. This year I’ve used that to switch off from whatever horror was going on (and continues to go on) in the world. My brain can’t concentrate on anything except where I am in the pattern and the repetition of stitching. It’s very soothing and peaceful. And, like I said, I get to stab something multiple times. With the constant noise and distraction of everyday life – pandemic or not – it’s a welcome calm.

2020 – A Eetrospective | Cross Stitch
Calm through stitching

As with all crafting, this year’s photos contain a couple of pieces that were started and now live in a cupboard. But that’s ok. The only thing I want to achieve in 2020 is seeing 2021. This is not the year for pressure and any feelings of failure. It’s the year for celebrating tiny wins… and very big electoral ones.

2020 – A Eetrospective | Cross Stitch
Some projects will stay in a drawer

I hope you all have a great festive season, see you in 2021!

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