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Designer Discourse

Hi everyone! Mr X Stitch here, swinging by to tell you about a new series that I’m doing on my YouTube channel – Designer Discourse!

Find out about the creative processes of your favourite cross stitch designers in an hour-long chat! In the first episode my guest is Maria Diaz.

We talk about her career as a cross stitch designer, exploring how she creates designs, and what lessons she’s learning over the years. It’s a fascinating conversation and Maria’s perspective is based on nearly three decades in the industry!

The second interview is with Melarise, a Spanish designer whose design aesthetic is hard to categorise but whose pop-culture inspired patterns are really refreshing. We talk about social media marketing and the international view of cross stitch, among other things.

Each interview lasts an hour, so grab yourself a drink (or some stitching!) and enjoy them!

Be sure to like the vids and subscribe to the channel if you want, as there will be more discourses in the future and I’ve got some cracking guests lined up!

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