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It is I Loadofolbobbins back again after another mini break, (if only this meant in the getaway and have a holiday sense), the best laid plans and all that eh folks….this year is something else I tell ya! Well to make up for it I’m offering you all a double helping of Etsy needlecraft magic in a special bumper edition. December is when all things sparkly and beautiful come out to play so I figure why should ‘Exploring Etsy’ be any different, and let’s be honest folks can your really have too much sparkle?! First up for your delectation is the exquisite embroidery of Rosie Wright whose self-titled shop ‘Rosie Wright Shop’ is a veritable treasure trove of the best sequins and stitch have to offer.

Rosie Wright Shop - Purple Geode Embroidery

Rosie Wright Shop - Purple Geode Embroidery

After studying textile design at Falmouth University, Rosie ventured to London to work in couture, millinery and bridal studios, where she got to work on embroideries and hats for some amazing people – “Florence Welch and some of the Royals were the most exciting.” She now has a small studio based in her hometown in Devon where she designs and makes all of her pieces, combining her love of colour, pattern, texture and nature with traditional embroidery methods adding her own unique modern twist.

Rosie Wright Shop - Blossom and Blue Embroidery

Rosie Wright Shop - Seahorse Embroidery

Rosie Wright Shop - Aurora Embroidery

What is your earliest stitching memory?

Growing up I was very fortunate to have 2 very creative grandmas who at every opportunity had some sort of project on the go. The earliest stitching I remember was making a tiny green jacket for a toy hedgehog, with flowers stitched in all colours of the rainbow! I took this hedgehog everywhere with me and it survived all sorts of adventures until the threads came loose and had to be re-stitched over and over.

Rosie Wright Shop - Ruby Coral Reef Necklace

Rosie Wright Shop - Polar Bear and Narwhal Necklaces

What fires your imagination?

I am most inspired by nature – natural forms, flora and fauna. Sea slugs and jellyfish are a favourite! I know this is quite broad so I try to choose an area to focus on for a piece or project, and then hone in on a tiny detail close up. I have watched most of David Attenborough’s documentaries at least 2 or 3 times…every time I watch them I come up with new ideas so I always ensure my sketchbook is nearby. Each piece of embroidery I consider a piece of art and no piece is the same. I am a magpie when it comes to beads and sequins, and I am always searching for intricate components in different shapes and colours to create something unique. I find the best way to learn is to search through antique books from the past, which also brings a sense of nostalgia.

Rosie Wright Shop - Embroidery

Rosie’s love of pattern and colour really sings out from all of her pieces and really is a delight to behold, so why not give yourself a treat and pop along to her shop to check out more. Now if that wasn’t enough to keep you lovely lot satisfied we’re now heading over to Russia to meet Natalia, of ‘Sova Brooch’, whose incredible brooches are a sight to behold!

Sova Brooch - Luna Moth Brooch

Sova Brooch - Blue Butterfly Brooch

Sova Brooch - Bee Brooch

Originally a house decorator and architect, making jewellery became a hobby for Natalia about two years ago. “It all started from making brooches for my friends and family, but now I have realized that I want to devote all my time to this hobby, and make it my only profession.”

Sova Brooch - Cicada Brooch

Sova Brooch - Beetle Brooches

Sova Brooch - Beetle Brooch

What is your earliest stitching memory?

I started doing stitching and sewing when I was very young. It all started from making clothes for my dolls, I could spend weeks on only one dress making all stitches and embroidery by hand. I also have always admired unique things and hand crafted pieces of art, which I could find in museums and exhibitions, which I often visit. Brooches are the unique piece of art too. They allow you easily to change your appearance and reflect your mood. They can become your personal signs and add some class to your costume.

Sova Brooch - Black Spider Brooch

Sova Brooch - Black Spider Brooch

What fires your imagination?

I like to experience new techniques and styles in my work. Inspiration is everywhere, in books, cinemas, jewellery exhibitions and so on. I also like to inspire myself by travelling, my next trip is to Thailand, hopefully the next collection of styled brooches will be born after that. I am planning to create a new collection of beetles, birds and butterflies.

Sova Brooch - Pomegranate Brooch

Sova Brooch - Golden Bee Brooches

Natalia’s brooches are jam-packed with glorious detail and I think anyone would count themselves very lucky if one of her beautiful beaded butterflies landed on their jacket! Make sure to pop along to her shop to see more. Well that’s me signed off for my fifth year over here at Mr X Stitch HQ. Whether you mark the end of the year or not, I hope it finds you well and raring to go for 2020!


Jessica Taylor aka Loadofolbobbins is a Textile Artist and Illustrator based by the sea in Portsmouth. At her happiest with a needle and thread, with a passion for genealogy she often explores old photographs in her Textile art. With her fingers in many creative pies she loves to experiment with new techniques, creating illustrated and stitched goodies for her Etsy shop.

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