The Machine Embroidered Cosplay of Adelhaid

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One of the areas that machine embroidery is really flourishing is in the hands of talented costume and cosplay designers the world over. Where before adding lots of complex embroidery to a cosplay outfit was out of the question, the technology of machine embroidery has allowed intricate creations to blossom in the costuming world. One such cosplay superstar is Russian designer Adelhaid.

As you can see, Adelhaid uses huge amounts of machine embroidery detail to really bring her creations to life. The addition of the machine embroidery detailing brings a luxe quality to all her creations that speaks to her skill and attention to detail. Adelhaid designs and stitches her own embroidery herself, so she can perfectly customize the embroidery to each costume. It’s an amazing combination of seamstress and digital design skills.

As you can see in this costume for example, even that small brown accent held in the hand of the model has intricate, historically accurate machine embroidery that Adelhaid herself made and stitched.

Adelhaid has an etsy store where she sometimes has her embroidery patterns available for purchase, should you be lucky enough to have a machine and are on the hunt for perfect embroidery patterns for cosplay pieces. Most of her embroidered costuming work can be found on her Deviant Art page, with not only lush costumes and embroidery on display, but amazing photography to showcase it all. As more and more designers get their hands on the technology of embroidery digitizing, it’s any wonder where things might go!


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