Happy National Hat Day

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January 15th (Sunday) was National Hat Day. I saw a lot of milliners outside of the U.S. celebrating National Hat Day, so maybe other countries have designated the same date. In any case, Happy (belated) National Hat Day!

Happy National Hat Day

I shared the photo on my Instagram, and … *sheepish grin* … I posted the following Tweet:

Of course, baseball caps and knit beanies are hats. We might as well have a National Clothing Day or a National Footwear Day. There are more kinds of hats than you can even think of to name! And people wear hats for all sorts of reasons. As part of a uniform. To protect themselves from sun or falling objects. To stay warm. Cosplay. Keeping the rain off your face. Going to the Kentucky Derby. Going to a vintage reenactment event. To cover up hair loss. Getting married. And my favorite reason … because traditional millinery styles are fabulous accessories!

How about a Kentucky Derby Hat?

by Milli Starr

Or a bridal hat?

All Types of Hats | Modern Millinery
by Maggie Mowbray Bridal

Or a fur felt hat to keep your ears warm?

All Types of Hats | Modern Millinery
by Irina Sardareva


Or a … sushi fascinator?

All Types of Hats | Modern Millinery
by Maor Zabar Hats


Sure, probably 99% of the population thinks of baseball caps when they wear a hat or celebrate National Hat Day. But there is so much more to hats! Any style, any occasion you can think of, it’s a great day to wear a hat!

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