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Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Alice Kettle is a bit of an embroidery legend.

Alice Kettle

She is one of the UK’s leading embroidery artists, whose work is exhibited across the world. She is often cited as a reference for those studying the textile arts and has a wealth of academic knowledge on contemporary textile practice.

Alice Kettle

Her work is varied, vibrant and does a great job of pushing the boundaries of modern embroidery. Her work “Looking Forwards to the Past” in 2007 was a piece measuring 16.5m by 3m and is permanently sited at the Winchester Discovery Centre. It is “ground breaking in its scale and method of stitch” and “shows the scattered imagery of a historical city and its attitude to the present and vision of the future“. I haven’t had a chance to see the piece for real, but the scope of the work blows me away.

Alice Kettle Looking Forwards to the Past

She is currently working on a collaborative collection with ceramicist Helen Falcey, combining the two disciplines with dramatic effect.

Alice Kettle

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Alice Kettle’s work stimulates the senses and provokes reactions. The scale of her pieces, particularly her commissioned works, enforces her mastery of the arts. It’s terrific stuff.


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