Book Review – All Sewn Up

Mr X Stitch Book Review All Sewn Up:  35 exquisite projects using applique, embroidery, and more by Chloe Owens is published by CICO BOOKS. Introduction Who is Chloe Owens?  No, we might not immediately bring her name to mind, but she does promise ’35 exquisite projects’ for our perusal. This book has a bright happy cover makes us stop – reminiscent of the 1960s floral fantasies, is this one worth a purchase? Who is it for? All the projects have step by step visual guides, so its great for anyone with a little less confidence or those who want a nice little project to do with an adventurous child. Because its so colourful and pattern based, its a real magpie find for all the Cath Kidston or Liberty lovers out there. The style of projects echoes vintage with a modern twist, so would appeal to grannies and grandchildren alike.  It would also work well for students, who maybe want to pretty up their rooms.  There are lots of projects where you don’t need loads of materials, making it ideal for University life! Content There really is something to appeal to any crafter…..
Owens has divided the book into sections. Want a gift? Go to chapter three!
What makes it special? The photos are really cute.  Take this example:
Thought has gone into the whole presentation of the book, with a massive focus on making the projects look tempting.
Photography More on the photos……..
Owens has cleverly tied in the design of the instructions with each project, so they are similar in pattern. Look at those florals, so 70s or even 60s, but work really well now for a cool retro vibe.
The smaller details have been photographed really well too. Take this little applique bird. Seeing the projects close up, helps us be more confident about trying them ourselves.
What is wrong with the book? We think that when you have tried all the projects, you might not get it out as often, however if you are anything like us, you tend to forget how to do something very quickly and need to turn back to the book you got the idea from! The handy technique section is a ‘go-to’ for any keen crafter:
She writes in a way that doesn’t patronise us, yet she tells us what we need to know, so we don’t need to ever flounder.
Conclusion  Hands up, who has loads of teeny tiny scraps of colourful fabric, which are just too pretty to throw out, but too small to have used…yet?! This book is ideal for those who want to fill themselves with pretty and create something in only a few hours. What are you waiting for…pick your project! All Sewn Up by Chloe Williams is available to purchase here!