Lord Libidan’s Look Out – October ’18

lord libidans lookout
As Christmas rolls inthe fun cross stitch tends to stop, its put away as hordes of people start stitching Christmas goodies, but there are a few who don’t. There are a few who make awesome stitches instead.

The first of our very awesome stitches are from yellowponcho and I think this example not only exemplifies Archer, but even without knowing the phrase, its still hilarious.
archer cross stitch by yellowponcho

Next up is a stitch from catisacraftyone, who instead of going typical for her halloween stitch, when old school cool with a plague doctor!
Plague doctor cross stitch by catisacraftyone

And finally, just because I can’t live without putting at least one Harry Potter stitch in, we have the delectible stitching of the elder wand by katardzhina
Harry potter cross stitch by katardzhina

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