The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Anatomically Incorrect Creatures

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Although reporting on the Plush world is generally the domain of the fantastic Love & A Sandwich, I thought I’d share the work of Anatomically Incorrect Creatures and their Creature Specialist, London-based Bree Yena.

Anatomically Incorrect Creatures - George the Giraffelephant

“Anatomically Incorrect Creatures are handmade faux taxidermy sculptures and plush wall art — specializing in unique and humorous hybrid creature home decor for all! Each creature is completely hand-stitched, designed from original patterns and created out of locally purchased acrylic and Eco Felt — felt that is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. No animal products, such as wool felt, ever used. Anatomically Incorrect Creatures supports animal lovers, vegetable lovers, meat lovers, allergy sufferers and anyone with a sense of humor.

Anatomically Incorrect Creatures - Rex The Dapper Dinosuar

I find faux taxidermy to be a unique and humorous mix of environmentally friendly home decor and odd cuteness.  Whether you are an animal rights supporter, craft connoisseur or just have a wicked sense of humor — there really is something for everyone to love with faux taxidermy!

Anatomically Incorrect Creatures - The Foxy Owl

“The creatures are hybrid combinations of at least two animals selected for their uniqueness, oddity and/or cuteness.  For example, Giraff-e-lephants and Foxy Owls!  There is also a truly vegan line of mounted vegetables. Quite a few of the creatures that exist now started out as custom orders and I get a lot of ideas from comments and suggestions through the shop’s Facebook page.

“I will make anything the customer’s heart desires.  The laws of science and nature need not apply — whatever you can come up with, I can try my best to recreate out of felt.”

Anatomically Incorrect Creatures - Vegetarian Wampa

Ever since I got my first piece of  plush taxidermy from Nicole Licht, I’ve been a fan of this idea. What better way to add grandeur to a room than with your own plush trophy?

Anatomically Incorrect Creatures - The Mustachied Deerabbit

AI Creatures takes gets extra kudos for their use of eco-felt and I just think they’re ace. Well-designed, witty and wonderful, you can commission your own piece by contacting the Creature Specialist directly. The hard part is deciding what to have!

Anatomically Incorrect Creatures - Grizzly Bear Butt

Thanks to Pink Ray Gun for the quotes!


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The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge - Anatomically Incorrect Creatures