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Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, where we showcase people whose embroidered creativity is fresh and new!

Andoni Maillard is a mixed media artist from Rennes, France.

Andoni Maillard - Truck

“The work of Andoni Maillard is deeply rooted in the consciousness of a generation. It creates links between his childish sensitive heritage and historical events that influenced his contemporaries. The bridge between these figures sanctifies them by giving them a new dimension.”

I reeeeally like Andoni’s work, and not just because of the foxy ladies. He takes safe content and makes it edgy, and takes edgy content and makes it safe. It’s just what I like.

Andoni Maillard - Red Light District

A man after my own heart, I think his approach to needlecraft is the perfect tonic for those people who still hang onto the old paradigms. It exemplifies the spirit of the new embroidery movement and is generally kick ass.

Andoni Maillard - Skates

With a range of surfaces explored in stitch and a definite cool approach to the subject, Andoni’s work can, and should, be used as a tool for convincing young people* to try embroidery so that they can connect with the power of making and learn how it heals the soul.

Andoni Maillard - Fire

Visit Andoni’s Instagram to see what other media he is rocking — there’s quite a lot!

* Maybe not all the content for the really young ones, hey. :)