Gear Threads – The Whimsical Stitches of Anja Rieger

Gear Threads Is The Mr X Stitch Machine Embroidery Column - Presented By Urban Threads!

Anja Rieger is the rare combination of an illustrator and digitizer, which results in some truly fabulous embroidery creations. Some of her work has been published in books and used for television, but I’m certainly most smitten with her weird and wonderful stitched designs.

Her embroidery style is odd and whimsical, bringing to life sketchy rabbits, looping typography, and monsters as downloadable embroidery collections. She has a fantastic skill in bringing machine stitches to life, experimenting with new techniques and fills with each series, and being the illustrator of each piece, can keep the magic of each hand drawn creation in the final digitized form.

Being an illustrator by trade, she also uses her digitizing skills to create art not intended for download, like this amazing embroidered map illustration that combines machine and hand embroidery with traditional illustration.

You can see more of Anja’s embroidery creations and crafty experiments over on her blog.


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