Annie Aube – Twisting Tales

Annie Aube is an artist from Palmer, Alaska. Her stitcheries explore mythologies and folklore.

Here’s what Annie has to say:  “The artwork which has been my focus for the last few months and will continue to be my focus for the next year or two is embroidery based on the role of women in Mythology and Folklore.  I was inspired by my interest in religion and how it materially manifests itself in culture.  The reason that I chose embroidery as the vehicle for this theme is because embroidery has historically been a way of controlling women.

Annie Aube - Twisting Tales

I also like the idea of Embroidery which is anti-pretty because embroidery has been associated with images of pretty flowers for so long.  I like the irony of Embroidery which is gruesome.  This is one of the major reasons why I have chosen to embroidery as a medium, and chosen the scenes I have.  Most of the stories which I have chosen to embroider are obscure; I have for the most part stayed away from well known folktales.

Annie Aube - Twisting Tales

Annie’s stitcheries are charmingly macabre – she chooses characters from folklore that show the darker and more depraved side of the female character, and her research reveals story elements that have been glossed over by history. And Annie is not afraid to display these women in all their glory.

Annie Aube - Twisting Tales

Annie has developed an extensive portfolio of these gruesome historical vignettes and has exhibited in the US and Japan. She is currently working on a series of pieces inspired by Red Riding Hood and I can’t wait to see what hidden stories she unearths. For more information visit her website or follow her on Facebook.

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