Colour | Mixed Media

Hello, Fibristas and Fibristos! I’m Arlee and every month, ARTeries will lead you to broader interpretations of “embroidery”. Occasionally we will also delve into theory,

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Jude Hill's hand embroidery

Jude Hill | Mixed Media

Jude Hill is an embroidery artist synonymous with a simplicity of style and a respect for the inherent beauty of old cloth. She is expressive with original approaches to handling her materials, never stridently forcing them into concept or statement, though they are persuasive stories in themselves.

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Rusting Fabric by Jamie Kalvestran

Rust Never Sleeps | Mixed Media

Using rust in textile art isn’t too much of a challenge. Take inspiration from this collection of rusty artists curated by Arlee Barr and soon you’ll be wrapping your materials and leaving the chemistry to do its work!

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