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eye necklace

Wearable Felt

Moxie our writer and felt expert reviews some top artists who make felt creations to wear. They are sculptures out of wool, real art pieces and are often needle felted. What will be your wearable felt inspiration?

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Trio Of Body Parts

You know something? You’re made out of meat. You know what else? Meat is a horrible building material. Wool isn’t that much better but let’s

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Irina Andreeva - Girl on bench - Needle Felting

Irina Andreeva

I don’t have a ton of information about the fiber creations of Russian artist Irina Andreeva, but I don’t need any to know how amazing

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Grisha Dubrovsky - Skeeter - Needle Felting

Grisha Dubrovsky

Russian fiber artist Grisha Dubrovsky makes needle felted sculptures, big and small. He is clearly influenced by nature and fantasy, playing with scale, and juxtaposing

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Croshame - A Scent - Needle Felting

Mythical Felt

Mythical, mystical, made-upical… whatevs. Look at these creatures brought to life in poked-wool form, won’t you? Thank you! Oooh, a Baku! This was made by Davina

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Landscape Hat

Rae Stimson

Isn’t it easy to feel like you’ve seen the entire internet and all of its wonders? You ask yourself: “Is that it? Did I finish

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Paper Moon's Needle Felted Creations

Paper Moon Gallery

I’m hypnotized by Paper Moon Gallery’s felted sculptures. She’s prolific, visit her site for hundreds of covetable twisted folk art pieces. This is just a sample.

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Fast Hands Felting by Natalie Zee Drieu

Wait, What Is It?

Hey you. I’m Moxie and I’d like to welcome to my corner of the MrXStitch universe! Here we’ll explore the medium and makers of my

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