Irina Andreeva

Irina Andreeva - Girl on bench - Needle Felting

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I don’t have a ton of information about the fiber creations of Russian artist Irina Andreeva, but I don’t need any to know how amazing her art is. She doesn’t speak of her techniques on her blog but in the photos I can see needle felting, wet felting, knitting and embroidery, all worked together to create touching, whimsical, contemplative scenes and sculptures.

Irina Andreeva - Girl on bench - Needle Felting


Irina Andreeva - Cat - Needle Felting Irina Andreeva - Piano - Needle Felting Irina Andreeva - Girl on bench - Needle Felting

Irina’s blog bio (translated from Russian by Google) reads:

“I love to communicate, to meet, to share, to walk, summer, spring, winter, fall. I love when everything has its own character, aroma, texture, idea.”

In each of her pieces, I can see her passions. Check out the rest of her blog and see for yourself.

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(Big ups to our own Mr X Stitch for pointing me in Irina’s direction!)


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