Barbara Richards

Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!

This month I have decided to feature a cool artist who got in touch with us….

Who is Barbara Richards?

Barbara Richards is a British artist who studied at Hammersmith College of Art and the Royal College of Art (oh to study there!). She told us that her love for textile/fibre art, embroidery, and quilt art came after leaving the UK to live in Italy where she worked as a guide in tourism for a living using her knowledge of Italian, French Spanish and German.

 This shows that sometimes we don’t get into this sort of career early on, it can come later. There is nothing wrong with becoming an artist later in life or changing our technique choices when we have the time to do so.  Maybe this is something you or I will consider in the future. Oh and I am sure all the Italian inspiration helped, sometimes it can be a change of circumstance in our lives which motivates us in new directions, such as moving from fine art to textiles.

She began to get into quilting art in 1995 and mostly uses a collage appliquè working method which stemmed from paper collage.

She tells us:

‘My subject choice is concentrated in Nature themes and music. I also make paper flowers and bags in felt.’ – So she is an artist with variety, not set in her ways.

Considering it is super dark so early this month, there is no excuse for us to not get out our own art pieces, but first get a look at her work:

This piece would inspire us to create 3D flowers in machine stitch!

Sadly there is not a lot of information on her as an artist, so it is a good job that she contacted us directly, as she may have got lost and never discovered by us to feature.

We were attracted to her use of texture as its very much nature inspired; with colour choices according to the seasons. She applies this to the quilting art work she develops. Here is one example of that texture up close:

Barbara Richards
Autumnal textures, we love the mixed media shown here with the sequins too.

She certainly isn’t one track minded when it comes to colour; look at this for bright and bold! Here she has used a machine to produce quilted lines and shapes:

Barbara Richards
Quilty and colourful…

Finally, another nature inspired piece:

Barbara Richards

This artist proves that we do not have to specialise in one thing or be known for a certain style; textile art can be simply what makes us happy and fulfilled. So have a go, quilt, stitch, use bright colours….and remember you can always get in touch with us here at Mr X Stitch!