The Ailist

Work inspired by Breast Cancer

Christine Cunningham

Christine Cunningham is a columnist here on Mr X Stitch. She is a practicing artist, often using personal experiences and feminine themes to create unique pieces of bright textile art. In this Ailist, we discover more about her work, the woman behind the column ‘Beneath the folds’.

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Workshops – An Insider’s View

Ailish Henderson shares her portfolio of textile workshops and explains the techniques you can learn. From hand stitch to bonded fabrics, Ailish teaches a range of subjects and you can learn about them here!

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Karen Suzuki - white rabbit

Karen Suzuki

Karen Suzuki is a practicing textile artist, currently working in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally she trained as a ceramicist before experiencing textiles. We see how skills can be merged together as her work has a sculptural tone and is often inspired by pottery sources such as Staffordshire sculptures. She works with hand embroidery to create her creatures, which are mostly stuffed and set as 3D pieces rather than flat works. Her work has been featured in the Batsford published book ‘Be creative with textile art’.

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The Textile Museum Tilburg

Recently I got the chance to hop across to Tiburg, Netherlands to visit The Textile Museum in the city to discover some awesome work. Historically Tilburg was well known within the Textile world, thus this museum gets some awesome exhibitions as well as long running ones. TextielMuseum, draws a great many people. Textile art has played an important part in the history of the city, and you can learn all about it at the museum. There are exhibitions taking in both the past and the present of the textile industry.

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Thread: Contemporary Textiles

The exhibition “Thread: Contemporary Textiles” was at Rheged in Penrith, Cumbria in 2019. Ailish Henderson reviews the show and shares the work of several needlework artists including Adam Pritchett, Jacquelyn Royal and Kirsty Whitlock.

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Barbara Richards

Barbara Richards is a British artist who studied at Hammersmith College of Art and the Royal College of Art (oh to study there!). She told us that her love for textile/fibre art, embroidery, and quilt art came after leaving the UK to live in Italy where she worked as a guide in tourism for a living using her knowledge of Italian, French Spanish and German.

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