Quilty Pleasures – Benjamin Shine

Well…It’s not quite quilting…BUT MAN! look at this!

So, This here fella takes a single piece of tulle and irons it into an image.
[“WHAT?!” you may be asking yourself. How does this magic occur?]

Here are a couple detail shots:

Yes, to answer your question, that is crazy.

Here’s a few more:

Yup, that’s him with an iron…


And here he is with an elephant:

Since this blog is out of the UK I am guessing I am late to this party as he is british and all. BUT if you all dont know of this work like I didn’t…well now you do!

GeeZ! a single piece of fabric…


LUKE Haynes is a trained Architect using his skills mostly for good. His work can be seen at his site and the associated blog. He is a full time Quilter and sometimes blogger, whose work is showing across the country and soon the world. You can find him here at Quilty Pleasures on the first Sunday of each month.