Book Review – Perri Lewis’ Material World: The Modern Craft Bible

Perri Lewis' Material World Full disclosure – Perri Lewis is one of the Crafty Avengers, as am I, so she is awesome from the get-go. And now you can enjoy her awesomeness is paperback format! Perri Lewis' Material World Perri Lewis’ Material World: The Modern Craft Bible is a terrific snapshot of the Craft scene at the moment, packed with all manner of hints, tips, wisdom and interviews with brilliant crafty types from around the world. As well as cross stitch, embroidery and knitting, Perri covers mainstream crafts, like macrame and quilling, combining easy instruction with handy projects for you to try. Perri Lewis' Material World One of the best things about this book is the sheer volume of interviews with artists and crafters. I know that Perri has amazing networking powers, and she’s flexed these muscles to the max, gathering words from artists across the world covering a whole range of topics. Famous names include Amy Butler, Tracey Emin, Tatty Devine, Rob Ryan and Grayson Perry – a stellar list indeed! Perri Lewis' Material World One of my favourite section collects film-based anecdotes about craft – the story about Dame Judi Dench’s embroidery is very amusing! Regular readers of Mr X Stitch will recognise some of the names in the book, including our very own Queen of Ironic Stitching, Beefranck! And there’s also an interview with some wiseacre called Mr X Stitch… Perri Lewis' Material World I’m not going to show the page with my interview on it, why spoil the fun? 🙂 If you’ve got friends who query your crafting, get this book. Arm yourself with skills, wisdom and quotes to help them understand how amazing craft can be! The book is a terrific read and one of the must-have coffee table books for the contemporaty crafter! Perri Lewis' Material World Perri Lewis’ Material World: The Modern Craft Bible is published by Ebury Publishing and is available from all good retailers. Why not buy it via the Mr X Stitch Amazon Store?
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