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Hoyuki Sato, Big Kitty

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Last month, I brought you felt artwork in miniature, so in this month’s column, I would like to show you some equally amazing needle felt work that is larger than life! Like the very tiny, large scale is difficult to achieve in this medium, but not impossible! Read on for some fantastic examples.

Stephanie Metz, Large Flesh and Bone #1 Stephanie Metz, Large Flesh and Bone #2 Stephanie Metz, Flesh and Bone Installation View

Many of you are no doubt familiar with Stephanie Metz – she has been a pioneer of sculptural needle felting for over 10 years and her work is surely among the very best. Her most recent series, “Flesh and Bone” is no exception. These new pieces are developed first as sketches, then clay maquettes, then small scale studies (see pedestals in last photo above), then finally as finished pieces that are measured in feet rather than inches. She describes these sculptures as “human-scale” and that they are. At this size, they command attention in a more dramatic way; their visual weight evokes body parts in a way that simply is not possible in small scale. For more images of these and other pieces, please visit her website.

Hoyuki Sato, Big Kitty process Hoyuki Sato, Big Kitty Hoyuki Sato, Big Kitty

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Needle Felted Bug by Hine Mizushima

Perhaps the largest needle felted piece I have ever seen is the “Big Kitty” pictured above! This massive moggie is the work of Japanese artist Hoyuki Sato and his students. Its extreme size creates a humorous role reversal in which the human viewer, dwarfed by the sculpture, becomes the pet. Yes, this kitty pets you! The last photo above is especially wonderful to see because of the joy and excitement in everyone’s faces. I would be amazed too – this sculpture certainly stretches the medium beyond what I personally thought possible. For more images of this piece (and other equally wonderful, if smaller, works) please visit his website.

That’s all for this month. As always, thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me if you have needle felt artwork to share!

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