Capturing The Essence of Summertime | Textile Art


The Essence of Summertime can be captured on many levels. Intensity of heat is established through colour and texture. A dazzling light in a scattering of embellishments. Panels adorned in hand embroidered poetry conveys my own personal experiences, both as a child and adult.  Panels of summer floral print evokes a sense of time and place.

Essence of Heat

A bright colour palette with rich textures creates a visual depth conveying intensity of heat. ‘Summer Swatches’, created from fabric off-cuts, uses a layered technique to further enrich surface texture and depth.

The Essence of Summertime - Intensity of Heat
Intensity of Heat in Summer Swatches

Essence of Light

Light reflective embellishments (glass and plastic beads, buttons, sequins and old jewels) bounces light around creating an ever evolving surface throughout the day in ‘Summer 1’, enriching natural textures, establishing depth. Combining colours creates a ‘pointillism’ effect, further enriching a vivid colour palette.

Capturing Light in ‘Summer 1’

Essence of Summertime In Poetry

I have very fond memories of long summers spent ‘baking mud pies under summer skies…carrot tops and flowerpots…fermenting rose petals in jam jars nearby…’ ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ celebrates children at play with panels of hand embroidered poetry, brightly patterned fabrics and plastic buttons evoking an age of innocence and freedom.

Capturing The Essence of Summertime | Textile Art
capturing childhood through poetry in ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’

Essence of Summer

‘The buzzing of bees and a lazy bluebottle hum a distant tune as sunshine sparkles and glints it’s way into every single room’.

Capturing The Essence of Summertime | Textile Art
A Summer Garden in ‘Pastries folded high to rise’

Essence In Print

Embellishing printed florals adds a sense of time and place, fond memories embodied in the recycling of clothes and soft furnishings.

Capturing The Essence of Summertime | Textile Art
a sense of time and place in ‘I miss the lively hearing aids’

I hope you have found this exploration of capturing the Essence of Summertime inspiring.

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