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Welcome to Quilty Pleasures where we celebrate Art Quilts, their creators and the cultural history of the humble quilt.

Bromley Quilt

More often than not quilts are a compilation of wondrous prints with color, all intermingled in beautiful and vivid ways. I thought I would look into just plain and simple black and white quilts. Some of these quilts are just solid white and black fabric and others contain prints that are black and white which produces intriguing shades of gray when looked at from a distance. All these quilts have free patterns for the design as well! So let’s go!

Quilting Daily offers up a free e-book with 3 different quilts, all of which I truly adore! The first one is Califon.

Black and White

The next is Midnight Stars

Black and White
Midnight Stars

Lastly in the 3 quilt collection of patterns is Magic Triangles. I really love the loose almost abstract nature of this one.

Black and White
Midnight Triangles

Quilt Inspiration is the next website to offer up free patterns, and a really diverse look at the possibilities of just using black and white fabrics! This website/blog has a lot of free patterns for black and white quilts. Starry Path quilt is first and I really love the depth of this one.

Black and White
Starry Path quilt

Domino Effect is another one that I love, with its suggested curves and movement.

Black and White
Domino Effect

Little Black quilt is next and I just love the simplicity of just a few fabrics that really make such a fun graphic statement!

Black and White
Little Black quilt

Another website is FaveQuilts. They have some very fun and inspiring designs as well. The first one is Positively Epic quilt. I am really a fan of simple squares that make beautiful designs.

Black and White
Positively Epic quilt

Lastly there is Storm at Sea which is stunning!

Black and White
Storm at Sea

As you can see there are so many incredible designs out there that use black and white prints. I hope you find some inspiration for your next quilting project!!

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